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Give these fun matcha cocktail recipes a shot this holiday season

Earthy and energizing matcha is in practically everything these days, from cookies and cakes to moisturizers and shampoos. So it’s no surprise that the superfood tea has found its way into several alcoholic creations as well. And if you haven’t hopped on that matcha cocktail train yet, our list of fun concoctions will have you channelling your inner bartender this weekend.

Matcha might be the cool kid in gastronomy circles at the moment, but it’s been around for a lot longer than all of us. An indispensable part of Japanese tea ceremonies that date back to the 9th century, this vibrant coloured tea has been the centre of many studies in the past decade.

While the full scope of its health benefits is yet to be discerned, what’s known is that this finely ground green tea packed is with antioxidants and offers an incredible kick. And while fitness enthusiasts added it to their morning smoothie, chefs around the world played with the sweetness and bitterness of the superfood to create unique recipes. Also, a part of this matcha movement? Bartenders, mixologists, and mixology enthusiasts who’ve added this drink to a range of classic and not-so-classic alcoholic drinks to create something fun. If you’re just as intrigued as us, give some of these matcha cocktail recipes down below a try.

Give these matcha cocktails a go this holiday season

1. Matcha colada

Elevating and adding a little depth of flavour to the classic combination of whiskey, coconut cream, and fresh pineapple, whip up this matcha pina colada when you’re feeling a bit nostalgic about vacationing at the beach. And if you’re hosting a party, feel free to play around with the garnishes and the colour of your straw to make things a bit more fun.

2. Matcha cloud

Smooth, light and airy, just like its name, this is a delicious blend of matcha with gin, lime, honey, and egg whites. Perfect for parties or a day home when you’d like to impress your loved ones, the little sprinkle of matcha at the end is all it needed to look pretty as a picture. If you’re in the mood to go over the top, serve it in fun drinking glasses or play with patterns when you’re garnishing.

3. Matcha mule

Combining the sweet and bitter notes of matcha with the astringent and savoury flavour of sake, this drink is truly Japanese, despite being a unique take on the American classic Moscow mule. All you need to do is grab some sugar syrup, lime, and ginger beer on your next grocery run (along with matcha and sake), and you’re good to go! You could choose to serve this in copper glasses for that authentic Moscow mule look or show off that vibrant green in a clear drinking glass.

4. Matcha mint julep

A Southern American favourite and a regular feature at racetracks, the mint julep is a popular beverage. This recipe adds a fun twist to the refreshing drink. To give this one a go, add mint leaves, tonic water, honey, bourbon, and of course, matcha to your shopping list. Garnish with mint leaves and a lot of ice to transport yourself to a warm summer’s day at a racetrack, watching horses zip past you.

5. Matcha sesame punch

Matcha latte enthusiasts, this one’s for you! A fun blend of vodka and matcha with half-and-half (half whole milk and half cream), you’ll need to slot some time out to prep for this one. The results are worth it though! Nutty and slightly creamy with the fresh, deep flavour of matcha, whip this up when you’d like a boozy change from your morning cuppa. The sesame really amplifies the flavour on this one.

6. Matcha beer

If your go-to alcoholic beverage is a pint of beer, you don’t have to miss out on the matcha hype. And with a recipe this simple, there’s no excuse not to give it a shot. Just combine a bit of matcha powder with water and top that off with a pale ale (IPA). This adds a fun twist to your regular beer and might just make it healthier as well!

7. Morning matcha

The ideal drink for a no-work holiday morning (it’s 5:00 pm somewhere, right?) this one’s a unique take on an espresso martini. Vodka meets cinnamon-infused vanilla almond milk and honey in this delicious concoction and the whole thing just takes a few minutes to whip up. This cocktail is also one for those who love a cup of matcha’s superfood goodness in the morning.

8. Yoda sour

The only thing bigger than matcha is Star Wars. Naturally, the combination of both is bound to be a hit. The Yoda Sour is a punchy take on the Peruvian alcoholic concoction pisco sour and calls for some absinthe, pisco, lime juice, matcha, and egg whites. Garnish it with a little sprinkle of matcha for an added pop of colour. Use a stencil shaped as Yoda while garnishing to really do justice to the drink’s name.

We’re whipping out all our bartending tools for this one, will you be joining us?

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