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5 homegrown vodka brands to add to your home bar

Be it a dinner party or an intimate get together, vodka is often the life of the party. These homegrown vodka brands are perfect for cocktails at your next event.

Traditionally made from potato or grains like wheat and rye, this clear distilled alcoholic beverage is almost tasteless or sometimes has a very mild flavour in itself. That is what also makes it a great choice for mixed drinks and cocktails. Over the last few years, various homegrown brands have dived into the art of making vodka and today, some of the best vodkas available in India are homegrown brands. In this edition, we are going to look at some of them.

Best homegrown vodka brands

Billion Air Vodka


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A vodka from Sonaar Beverages in Mumbai, this vodka is made from 98% American corn and 2% wheat and is sourced and distilled in the USA and bottled in India. Sporting light floral tones with a soft texture on the palate and hints of spice, a sip into this give a full and rounded taste of vanilla. That leaves behind a sweet aftertaste and makes for a great base for any vodka cocktail. Billion Air is packaged in a bottle with tones of dark grey and touches of gold, giving it a glam touch to make this a perfect gift for friends or family. It is currently available in Mumbai and Pune.

Price: Rs 2,000 approx for 750 ml


Homegrown vodka brands
Image: Courtesy Rahasya

A premium craft vodka inspired by the mysticism and folklore of India, this homegrown vodka brand comes from Goa. Launched by Blisswater Industries Private Limited, this vodka is meticulously and beautifully crafted. Rahasya draws inspiration from age-old Indian culinary traditions. The brand claims that Rahasya’s unique flavour profile instils a hint of nostalgia in anyone who has lived in India or has had any acquaintance with diverse flavours and experiences of India. Truly upholding the feel of India, this vodka features spicy notes and is great for bold, earthy flavoured cocktails.

Price: Rs 850 for 750 ml

Smoke Vodka


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Smoke Vodka, an umbrella venture of Smoke Labs, is a gluten-free spirit that is made from high-quality Indian Basmati rice and is 5x distilled with ultra-modern charcoal filtration. This homegrown vodka brand comes in two flavours – Smoke Vodka Classic and Aniseed featuring pleasant notes of fennel and liquorice. Whether you want to stir up a refreshing cocktail or have it with a splash of cranberry, this vodka is perfect for all your parties. This brand is available at select liquor stores in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Goa.

Price: Rs Smoke Classic Vodka for Rs 2,080 and the Aniseed variant costs Rs 2,600.

Red Bliss


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The more times vodka is distilled, the better and more potent it is. Enter Red Bliss, with 5x distillation. This vodka is unmatched in purity, smoothness, and flavour. Produced by the Indian brand Hermes, it is affordable and boasts of a grainy aroma from the vast green Indian farms. With an ABV of 42.8%, this homegrown vodka brand too is at the higher end of booze content.

Price: Rs 800 approx for 750 ml



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From the house of United Breweries, this is an affordable yet complex vodka that should find its place for your next party. Romanov is known for its rich taste and complex spicy notes that come from its multiple filtering. At an ABV of 43%, it has a relatively high alcohol percentage. This brand produces a range of premium flavours, like Orange, Apple and Lemon. Perfect for the BYOB parties, this is one of the most affordable homegrown vodka brands that you can find.

Price Rs 650 approx for 750 ml

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