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14 Indian tea brands that promise the perfect cup of aromatic masala chai

If masala chai is what gets you going throughout the day, we’ve curated some of the best Indian tea brands that offer the perfect tea blends – from instant premixes to whole leaf teas – for your next sip.

Travel anywhere in India and you’ll find some version of one of India’s favourite beverages – tea. Be it a steaming cup of kadak masala chai sipped on a beautiful monsoon afternoon by the roadside, or fine green teas and tisanes sipped in the comfort of your home, the beverage has a place in every household and social situation.

Introduced to Indians by the British, the beverage is now a household and conversation staple that has been consumed for centuries – from super long meetings in office and discussions on projects in college to a fun evening with friends or a romantic date with your partner. It has a special place in our hearts, and capturing that, several Indian tea brands have launched masala chai blends and premixes, with hopes of becoming your favourite cuppa in no time.

A few brands offer a refreshing blend of whole spices infused with tea leaves, while some others are flavourful premixes that you can carry with you on your travels and mix with hot water to create a cup that has optimal flavour and texture. So, in case you’re looking for the perfect masala chai blend, check out these Indian tea brands below!

Indian tea brands for a comforting cup of masala chai



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Girnar, named after the Indian hill, is known for its various teas and tea-time snacks. However, among their most popular offerings are the Instant Tea premixes – masala chai, cardamom tea, ginger tea and a lot more – which are easy to use and make for an aromatic, flavourful cuppa on your road trips, treks and more.

Check them out here.

Wagh Bakri

Another popular name among Indian tea brands is Wagh Bakri. The company makes and exports refreshing and energising brews including masala chai, plain teas, green tea and a lot more. What we love are their premium spiced masala tea leaves that you can brew at home, as well as their instant tea premixes which come in three flavours – masala, ginger, elaichi and more.

Check them out here.


Teabox is known to serve some of the freshest teas that you will ever sample. Getting their leaves and tisanes straight from farms, the brand has established itself as among India’s premier tea brands. They also offer masala chai options, which will refresh and energise you as the day begins (and goes by!)

Check them out here.

Octavius Tea


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A post shared by Octavius Tea (@octavius.tea)

Octavius Tea is another Indian tea brand that is pioneering itself as among the best tea companies in the country at the moment. They offer a variety of blends – be it iced tea, green tea and more – and their catalogue also features masala tea blends. Available in both formats, as leaves and as an instant premix, the brand’s teas will take you back to your mom or grandma’s kitchen with its perfect spice and flavour.

Check them out here.

Organic India

indian tea brands
Image: Courtesy of Organic India

Organic India is probably among the most popular homegrown tea brand. Its tulsi tea range, which probably introduced most of us to green and herbal teas, is certified organic. The brand also has a masala chai offering, using various spices and spice blends, which ensures that everyone in your family has their favourite tea to start the day with.

Check them out here.

Tea Trunk

Indian tea brands
Image: Courtesy of Tea Trunk

Another favourite tea brand, especially when it comes to herbal and loose leaf teas, is Tea Trunk. The brand has established itself as a place that delivers high-quality blends every time. Among their offerings is a masala chai black tea blend, complete with Assam tea and whole spices and herbs, to make your morning chai even better.

Check them out here.

Tata Tea


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A post shared by 1868 by Tata Tea (@1868bytatatea)

Tata Tea is among those tea brands that’s found in every other home. Their range includes a variety of specialised and basic teas, from masala chai to loose leaf and kadak chai blends. One of their latest offerings is 1868 by Tata Tea, a range of premium teas inspired by India. This range offers a masala chai blend that includes masala chai, achari chai, chilli chai and more, and is sure to lift up your senses with its fragrance and flavour.

Check them out here.

Society Tea


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Society is another popular tea brand that makes masala chai premixes for an instant cuppa, as well as packaged teas infused with whole spices for a flavourful cup. The tea blend will refresh you on a lazy morning, and is the perfect partner for your tea-time snacks!

Check them out here.

Sancha Tea

Sancha Tea Boutique is one of the finest places that offer a wholesome tea experience. Whether it be rolled teas infused with jasmine, matcha tea blends or flavourful green teas, the brand has it all – and then some more. Their offerings also include a range of masala chai blends for you to choose from, which make for the perfect cup of chai.

Check them out here.

Dancing Leaf Tea


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Dancing Lead offers blends that are nutritious, beneficial for you as well as flavourful. Their teas include masala chai blends, which will add oodles of flavour to your morning cuppa!

Check them out here.

No. 3 Clive Road

No. 3 Clive Road is another fun, artisanal tea brand that makes some delicious blends for its customers. The tea tins are packed with optimum care to ensure the freshest, crispest flavour. Among their offerings is the Madurai Masala tea blend, complete with the goodness of tea, cardamom, ginger and a whole lot of spices, making the tea great for cold mornings as well as sore throats.

Check them out here.



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Chado is a brand that creates tasteful tea blends – white, oolong, black and a lot more. This Indian tea brand is also among those that makes a spiced tea blend for its customers who want their daily morning cuppa, but in a more refined manner.

Check them out here.


Another artisanal tea brand from India is Dharmsala Tea Company, which makes some of the most refreshing and energising teas that you’ll have. Their catalogue includes a Himalayan masala chai, which we’re eyeing when it comes to masala teas!

Check them out here.



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Probably among the most popular Indian tea brands at the moment, Vadham has created a name for itself by offering some unique tea, milk and other varieties. One of their best offerings is the original masala chai, which will take you on a trip down memory lane as you relive days with your grandma or moments in the rain with your partner.

Check them out here.

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy Harsh Pandey/Unsplash

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