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When it opened two years back, Juniper Delhi was a first of its kind, dedicated to the spirit of the moment – gin. Since then gin has grown from owning the moment to becoming a movement in its own right; and while several gin-exclusive menus have come up, Juniper remains the only bar whose entire ethos is built around the liquor. And they’ve just overhauled their cocktail menu, with 10 new signature drinks at this all-day bar.

Made using their in-house gin infusions and spread across seven profiles — sweet, savory, sour, soothing, sassy, fruity, and bitter – each cocktail here is unique in its own right. The Tea Negroni is made with chocolate tea infused gin and doesn’t use vermouth, making it an ideal balance of sweet and bitter for those who don’t like their negroni too harsh. Also, the absence of vermouth adds to the smoothness, as the dryness is eliminated. Lassi is for all the dairy lovers out there. Not your typical cocktail, it carries the milky, slightly sweet & sour flavour of yoghurt, with the hint of matcha adding character to it. While it’s not a quintessential party drink, it makes for a refreshing sip when looking for a leisurely drink.

Juniper Delhi
Fountain of Youth

The Kerala Lady was a favourite, the cardamom and vanilla gin and pineapple syrup come together as a well-balanced sweet and tart tipple. The lime cuts through the eggy-ness of egg white, letting the creamy texture shine. Blushing Spritz is a fun drink if you enjoy spritzes (as I do). Ideal for summers, the watermelon with sparkling wine is soothing and uplifting in the Delhi heat. The Imli Fizz, though high on spices like ginger and black pepper, carries subtle notes and would be a go-to cocktail to accompany your nibbles – it’s perfect when you want to down that food with a light drink.

Juniper Delhi
Blushing Spritz

The House Martini is a twist on the classic, made with the in-house Delhi Fire gin and spiced wine syrup, topped with lemon. Once again, what’s good here is that it’s not as dry as a typical martini and glides down smoothly, with hints of orange peel, vanilla, cinnamon, and cumin from Delhi fire at play. Juneberry is a concoction with cherry blossom, lychee, and red wine, their sweetness cut by minimal bitter notes, and is an option if you like your drinks rich. All in all, what stands out in the new menu is the keen curation gone into creating each drink, all being a different experience. If you enjoy your gin and are a patron of craftily done cocktails, this brand new selection at Juniper Delhi is one you’d want to try.

All images: Juniper

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