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    The Piano Man Jazz Club has consistently redefined how Delhi sees performance spaces. A performance space, a cafe, and a bakery, TPM is the capital’s fix when you are looking for some soulful music and grub.

    They club has hosted over a 1,000 shows in a little over three years, with live performances each day. As they further the cause of artists, they’ve brought on board several established international and indigenous names; and also serve as a platform for emerging talent in the country.

    The Piano Man Jazz Club, cocktails & chords, new cocktail menu
    Singhal Malt

    Enhancing the experience further, they’ve launched the cocktail calendar this month. Owner Arjun Sagar Gupta and Chef Ruchira Hoon have created a menu that pairs the notes of the drink in your hand with the music you’re listening to. That can only mean one thing – diverse flavours coming together to form this vibrant cocktail calendar. The Singhal Malt is a take on the traditional whiskey sour; the lemon juice, sugar, and whiskey mix is accompanied by a generous addition if cinnamon, packing in a spicy punch.

    The Piano Man Jazz Club, cocktails & chords, new cocktail menu
    DJ’s Cliffhanger

    Others include Grey’s Gimlet with hints of tangy and spicy; DJ’s Cliffhanger — a tangy concoction of gin, honey, kaffir lime, basil, bitters, orange juice, and tonic water. Not just a coming together of music and mixers, the menu also channels zero waste of ingredients and makes fresh, in-house bitters.

    All images: Courtesy The Piano Man Jazz Club

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