Grazing platter or feasting plates are artistically ornamented cheeseboards laden with charcuterie, cheese, cold cuts, crackers, nuts, fruits, and more. Originating in Australia, these small buffet-style party cheeseboards quickly took the fancy of people from across the globe.

They are wholesome and easy to prepare, but if you are not up for a DIY, then check out these online brands that will deliver some grazing platter goodness to your doorstep.

Grazing platters to order online in India —

Graze with Love

Grazing platters

The social life of Delhi was the inspiration for Ayushi Jain when she started Graze With Love. Their platters are more suited to Indian tastes as they are inclusive of more spicy dips like Muhammara and Za’atar Spiced Hummus. Graze With Love offers two categories – salty and spicy or sweet. Cheese garlic loaves, marinated olives, baked pita chips, cheese-stuffed buns are some of the things that make up the salty and spicy part. The sweet part is taken care of by teacakes, seasonal fruits, puddings, baked cookies, and more. You can also have a mix of two. The orders can be customised to the smallest detail and come in tasteful packages.

Price: Starting Rs 2,000 onwards
How to order: WhatsApp at +91 97129 31601 or DM on Instagram

The Platter Life

Grazing platters

Based out of Gurugram and created by Megha Rathee, The Platter Life offers a stunning range of grazing platters. Cheese from Kumaoni Blessings seems like the mainstay, but you can get your platter with meat, crackers, chocolates, and dips. The Platter Life will also personalise your cheese platter with the letter of your initials. Perfect for gifting this delicious assortment to your loved ones! 

How to order: WhatsApp at +91 99996 34422 or DM on Instagram

The Cheese Board

Grazing platters

Cheese is the protagonist in all their platters. The Cheese Board offers a rich array of continental flavours across their truckles, dips, and jars consisting of smoked gouda, edam, Italian herbs, walnut, and apricot. The highlight of their cheeseboards is the quirky and artful packaging. It goes the extra mile to offer candles and artificial flowers to add a sense of occasion. Ayesha Menon, founder of The Cheeseboard, brings her years of expertise. The orders can be customised and are available in Mumbai.

Price: Starting Rs 900 onwards; Rs 2,500 for party platters
How to order: Call +91 98339 24647

The Theatric Platter

Grazing platters

Started by Preeti Rathod, out of love for homegrown food, Grazing Platters from The Theatric are loaded with fresh fruits, cheese, delicious dips, crunchy crackers, and delectable desserts. The best part of The Theatric Platter is that it is eco-conscious and believes in empowering local communities. They promote biodegradable packages and source ingredients locally without compromising on quality. Their platters are customisable, so you and your guests get exactly what you are looking for.

How to order: E-mail at


Grazing platters

Gourmison cheese platters have a positive fine-dine vibe. Made from meticulously chosen natural ingredients of the highest quality. Gourmison has worked on its own blends and flavours to offer the customers a unique experience. All their products, including the wheat crackers, are handmade. Along with various cheese flavours and crackers, each platter comes with seasonal fruits and flowers. Factor in the premium looking boards and classy packaging, Gourmison can elevate any event. Gourmison offers the option of personalising your orders. Deliveries are currently only in Mumbai.

Price: Starting Rs 1,500 onwards
How to order: Call at +91 99301 73782


Grazing platters

Graiz boxes take the already artful graze platters experience a notch above. With their suave packaging and farm-fresh, zero preservative ingredients, Graiz aims to fill the gap between plain appetizers and a full buffet. Graiz boxes come in three sizes, and even the smallest is suitable for five people. You can rely on Graiz with your big get-together since their largest size suffices for up to 12 people. Baked cookies, seasonal fruits, mixed berries, dips, and crackers are a mainstay of their boxes. Based in Mumbai, Graiz offers a customisation option for corporate orders and gifting.

Price: Starting Rs 1,500 onwards
How to order: Visit their website

The Graze Box

Grazing platters

The founder of The Graze Box, Kavanna Kariappa, couldn’t find an ideal cheese platter to gift her neighbours, and that sparked the idea to start the venture. The Graze Box offers an organic, homemade, and sustainable platter experience. Kavanna sources her cheese from places like Auroville and farm fruits from Munnar. The meat is sourced in-house from Bamburies, while the sausages are made in-house. Apart from the usual crackers, fruits and nuts, you can choose from as many as 20 different types of cheese! Vegetarian? Fear not. You can have meatless platters too.

Price: From 1,000
How to order: DM on Instagram


Think Foodhall the next time you want to give the perfect gift. They offer a variety of gifting options to suit almost every occasion, which is often hard to miss. They contain exotic ingredients and items like sundried tomatoes, bocconcini, Burrata, roasted garlic cream cheese, among others. However, you can personalise the cheese box depending on your preferences. Foodhall gives the option of pairing the box with either a bottle of Jacobs Creek or Campo Viejo for an additional cost. For bigger get-togethers, Foodhall offers an Atelier range of platters with various types of cheese, dips, fruits, and flowers. Foodhall has its stores in Mumbai, Gurugram, New Delhi and Bengaluru.

Price: Starting Rs 2,800 for Cheeseboxes; Rs 4,000 for Atelier
How to order: Visit their website

I’m Wholesome

I’m Wholesome offers a range of quirky items to add more character to your grazing plate. From Breakfast Platters containing seasonal fruits, peanut butter, cherry tomatoes, pancakes to special Cheese Platters offering customised cheese options, there is a lot to choose from I’m Wholesome. You can even indulge in Sushi Platters.

Price: Starting Rs 2,500 onwards
How to order: Instagram DM or call +91 93218 38714


Grazing platters

If you want an all-vegetarian option for your next grazing platter, look no further than Asorté. Asorté believes in making the cheeseboard a canvas to create attention-grabbing, meat-free, fresh, and cheesy art pieces in the form of platters. They also offer vegan platters. Asorté also boasts of a celebrity clientele. So, if you want to feel special and go full vegetarian or vegan, Asorté is the place.

How to order: WhatsApp on +91 93214 86240

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