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11 home chef services in Chennai that deliver goodness to your table

Craving pasta, authentic pizza, Tex-Mex, or something healthy? Here’s our curated list of eleven best home chefs in Chennai, that deliver varied, scrumptious, home-style meals, right to your doorstep.

Silver Spoon Chennai

chef services in Chennai

What are you craving? Noodle bowls, burritos, or maybe zoodles in arrabbiata sauce? Whether you’re vegan, on a diet, or plain hungry, Silver Spoon Chennai can satisfy your cravings. Vegetarian, organic, fresh, and made to order — all you will have to do is plate the food. “At Silver Spoon, we try to create experiences through food. We can cater fine-dining at home, and we even do small events and occasions. For special occasions, we decorate, plate, and curate,” says Shweta Goyal.

Recommended dish: Bibimbap, smoothie bowl, Thai Potatoes
Availability: Order 2 – 3 days in advance
To order: DM on Instagram

Healthy Chef Co.

chef services in Chennai

Nutritionist and diet counsellor Maria Priyanka runs Healthy Chef Co. Specialising in low calorie and keto desserts and meals, her’s is a subscription-based meal plan, so weekly menus are the minimum order (only baked goods can be a single order). You can sample or work around this by speaking to Priyanka. From sugar-free cupcakes to chilly garlic millets, don’t be fooled by the healthiness — the meals are always delicious! “I am a certified nutritionist and chef, and we aim to offer delicious food that can help you look and feel better. So we do work around your needs and provide lots of customisation.”

Recommended dish: Mushroom Garlic Zoodles, Keto Pizza, Lasagne
Availability: Order 1-2 days in advance
To order: DM on Instagram

Fit Chef Chennai

chef services in Chennai

Influencer, fitness expert, and chef, Shitija Nahata makes the meal plans at Fit Chef. Each month has a new menu that’s healthy, wholesome, and delicious. These menus offer a variety of cuisines, from Thai to Mediterranean salads. “I have a deep passion for physical fitness and nutritional wellbeing, and I’ve dedicated the last four years to this. Our healthy food subscription will help you understand that – you are what you eat,” says Nahata. Place orders for a minimum of three meals at a time, and there are no weekend deliveries.

Recommended dish: This changes monthly, but there’s variety in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Plus, her protein smoothies are amazing.
Availability: Order, at least, 24 hours in advance
To order: DM on Instagram

Vikram Kamdar

Vikram Kamdar

If you’re looking for downright yummy treats and cheat meals, then Vikram Kamdar makes some classic binge food. But you don’t need to feel too bad about the binge, because it’s all wholesome and homemade. Pav Bhaji, DIY pizza kits, and burgers are all on the menu. “During this lockdown, I recognised my passion for cooking, and with the support of my family, this was born. We do yummy food for the soul — feeding people truly makes me happy,” says Kamdar. He does Jain and non-Jain options as well.

Recommended dish: Plain & multi-grain DIY pizzas, Pav Bhaji
Availability: Order one day in advance
To order: DM on Instagram or WhatsApp on +91 99401 77095

Trattoria By Lamrath

Trattoria by Lamrath


If you like pasta, it doesn’t get fresher than Trattoria By Lamrath. Cannelloni, heart-shaped ravioli, mouth-watering lasagna and more, this home chef is nailing all kinds of pastas. “I make pastas from scratch and hand-roll them only an hour before sending them out,” says Lamrath. At the trattoria, they ace both vegetarian and non-vegetarian pastas and sauces. So, place your order and pasta will be on its way.

Recommended dish: Mushroom & Red Pepper Lasagne, Gnocchi, Prawn Bisque Sauce Ravioli
Availability: Order one day in advance
To order: DM on Instagram or WhatsApp on +91 90031 22713

The Food Saga

chef services in Chennai

Manisha Kumbhat from Food Saga gets the homemade philosophy. She creates custom, curated, weekly menus inspired by many moods: French crepes, Gujarati thalis, burritos, and more. “Every day is a new adventure in the kitchen,” she says of her venture. “I ensure quality ingredients and refined techniques.” Her food is all vegetarian, but it will leave you feeling satisfied. Whatever you’re in the mood for, contact her, she’ll give you some great options.

Recommended dish: Thaali meals
Availability: Order 2-3 days in advance
To order: DM on Instagram or WhatsApp on +91 95660 99998

Chop Chop By Amrita

chef services in Chennai

Amrita Goenka whips up some great delights in her kitchen, and like a true home chef, she delivers culinary treats right from her kitchen to your table. Harissa paste, hummus, nacho dips — she makes a host of nibbles that are fresh and guilt-free. “I have never related to traditional home food and have always experimented with ideas to make food more interesting. So, I started sampling food to friends and family. Through their wonderful feedback, Chop Chop was born,” she says.

Recommended dish: Vietnamese Glass Noodles, Miso-glazed Aubergines, Egg & Chilli Appam with Stew
Availability: Order 1-2 days in advance
To order: DM on Instagram or WhatsApp on +91 98848 77777

Pickles By Renu Jalan

chef services in Chennai

Don’t judge by the name — Pickles By Renu Jalan offers so much more than her very delicious, homemade pickles. “At 80 years old, this is something I love to do. I used to do it to entertain mine and children’s guests. Everyone loved the food so much, so I decided to start a service,” she says. Jalan also makes amazing chaats, parathas, and Indian desserts, like sandesh and badam halwa. She also happily customises upon request.

Recommended dish: Jhaal moori, kachori, parathas
Availability: Order 2–3 days in advance
To order: DM on Instagram or WhatsApp on +91 96770 02939

Pizza Ronin

chef services in Chennai

Take your pizza cravings to the next level. Vijay Charan at Pizza Ronin makes some of the most authentic pizzas in the city, and the toppings are a dream. “This concept was first born as a hobby. I just wanted to make authentic pizzas available to everyone in the city.” No one does a base as chewy and scrumptious as this. Pick from toppings like sun-dried tomatoes to pepperoni and beyond.

Recommended dish: Millennium Falcon Pizza
Availability: Order 1 – 2 days in advance
To order: DM on Instagram or WhatsApp on +91 97909 59997

Bhaskar’s Kitchen

chef services in Chennai

Straight from their kitchen, Bijitha Harish and Hija Mohandas whip up some warm, home-style, South Indian meals: Biryanis, prawn varittayathu, crab masala, and desserts like coconut pudding and strawberry panda cotta. They keep it straight, simple, and delicious. “We live in a joint family, and we’ve been serving our food to the family for years. Everyone enjoys our cooking, so we wanted to share the love,” they say.

Recommend dish: Prawn varattiyathu, caramel custard, biryani
Availability: Order two days in advance
To order: DM on Instagram

Mex It Up

Chef Kavya at Mex It Up, calls her service an Indo-Mex food venture. “After working at the Hilton in Dubai for a few years, I participated in multiple food competitions, which gave me a lot of experience. So, when I moved back to Chennai, I knew I wanted to start something different than what this city already offers,” says Chef Kavya. Paneer burritos, gol gappa taquitos, and Chettinad mutton burritos are all on the menu. The result is an absolute riot of fun flavours. Mex It Up also delivers refreshing drinks and classic desserts, like Mexican churros to their clients. Vegan and vegetarian options are available

Recommended dish: Churros, Mushroom & Tofu Taquitos, Chettinad Mutton Burritos
Availability: Order half a day in advance
To order: DM on Instagram

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