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A meal isn’t complete without dessert. If you believe that too, here’s a go-to list of the popular sweet shops in Mumbai to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Most popular sweet shops in Mumbai for your dessert cravings –

Bombay Sweet Shop

sweet shops in Mumbai

Think aam papad lollipops, dulce de leche pedha, ghevar tart, and more. The reimagined Indian sweets and mithais are fun, textural, appealing to the eye and taste incredible. Don’t forget the gorgeous packaging and smelling the fresh aromas.

 Must Order: Our favourites remain the motichoor laddoo spiked with rum and coated with dark chocolate and gummies in assorted flavours. The sharp-edged dark chocolate and butterscotch brittles are highly addictive. And if you like chikki, then you will be thrilled to know that you can have one custom made to the flavour of your choice. 

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La Folie

sweet shops in Mumbai

From a kaleidoscope of macarons to ultra-rich chocolate bars, gooey cakes, coated nuts, and chewy cookies, this is a magical place. After all, here handpicked cacao beans are slow-roasted at low temperatures and chocolates are tempered so that every bar features a flawless sheen and that soul-satisfying, crisp ‘snap’. 

Must Order: Apart from their jewel-like chocolate bonbons and chocolate bars that redefine architectural prowess, we are partial to the J’adore celebration cake with tempting lemon streusel and berry compote. Their dark chocolate and sea salt cookies are a work of art. The delicate flakes of sea salt sprinkled before baking enhances the flavour. While you are at it, order the macarons in assorted flavours. 

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Caramel Wings by Ashrrita

sweet shops in Mumbai

This talented pilot turned home-baker Ashrrita Chinchankar turned into a wild success, thanks to her fudgy brownies. That item alone would warrant inclusion here but paired up with a selection of cakes and other goodies it becomes next-level delicious. 

Must Order: Other than brownies, Ashrrita’s boozy Chocolate and Whiskey Cake is a must-have. You’d be remiss not to order the Medovik – a Russian honey cake with impeccable layers of sour cream and dulce de leche. Try the cinnamon rolls and several (or a dozen, we’re not here to judge) coconut laddoos. 

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sweet shops in Mumbai

Theobroma needs no introduction, started in Mumbai their sweet and savoury treats have impressed the country.

 Must Order: Theobroma brownies are forever, but what we are crazy for is the Chocolate Dense Loaf. The gloriously calorie-loaded mava cake is drool-worthy. The perfectly buttery strawberry tarts with fresh strawberries, vanilla custard, and almond frangipani are almost too beautiful to eatGrab a couple of them and kickback. It’s 8:00 am. You’re in a Parisian cafe. Life is good.

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Havmor’s modak ice cream

sweet shops in Mumbai

Next time you are craving an ice-cream, why not step out of your vanilla, chocolate, strawberry comfort zone and try flavours like paan, ladoo, green tea or maybe modak! 

 Must Order: The scrumptious modak ice cream is a perfect mix of coconut shreds, roasted almonds, and cashews. Take it to the next level, top it up with whipped cream and kesar sauce. Their ice cream sandwiches and cassatas are bound to hook you in one bite. 

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Hurrem’s Baklava 

Hurrem’s Baklava

 The baklavas are handcrafted by chef Sefa Sülüker who has been spinning his baklava magic since the age of ten. Excellent baklava depends on the quality of flour, thinness of the dough (phyllo), and proportion of the syrup. And Hurrem’s gets it bang on! 

Must Order: The classic pistachio baklava, walnut baklava as well as exquisite Havuc Dilimi, Midiye and Chocolate and Hazelnut. When you bite into the baklava the sensation is immediately fragrant from the pistachios, then buttery, then crunchy and finally intensely sweet, but not cloying. As the sugary syrup ends up all over your hands and face, all you have to do is just close your eyes and imagine yourself on the streets of Gaziantep in Turkey. 

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You will never regret indulging in Toshin Shetty’s signature melt-in-your-mouth chocolates, be it a single-source dark chocolate bar, cream or liqueur-filled bonbon, a praline, fruit dipped in chocolate, a truffle, fudge or some other sinfully delicious treat. 

Must Order: Bite-sized pralines with 72 per cent dark chocolate, the chocolate tablet, and sorbets and ice-creams in delectable flavours. 

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Poetry By Love & Cheesecake

Poetry By Love & Cheesecake

From fruity to ultra-light to sugar-free – Poetry has you covered. They strike the perfect balance of tart and sweet with a silky-smooth texture that is firm enough to hold a slice. 

Must Order: Cheesecake fanatics can’t miss the NY Baked Cheesecake with a whisper of lemon zest and vanilla bean, nestled into an Oreo cookie or graham cracker cookie crust. The sweet and tart Blueberry Cheesecake topped with homemade blueberry compote and their Lindt Chocolate Cake.

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