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Mumbai’s new Suzette Bakery: Serving Mille-feuille and French decadence

From the iconic Punjab House samosas to the very retro Jude’s Cold Storage for home-made sausages, Pali Naka in Bandra is known for its soul food. In the last few years, the neighbourhood has also become famous for two restaurants in particular – Suzette for the crepes and The Kitchen Garden for the healthy smoothies. Every celebrity worth his / her salt has been seen chilling at these joints. Joining them is the third wheel, as we’d like to call it – Suzette Bakery has now introduced the locality to fresh breads and that famed French pastry, Mille-feuille.


The new bakery is from the same trio behind Suzette and Kitchen Garden – head baker-chef duo and founders, Jeremie Sabbagh and Antonia Achache, and their partner Pierre Labail – and is an ode to everything French. On offer here are hearty bread loaves, baguettes, puff pastries, French pastries, savoury delights, and an exciting range of teas and coffees that will make socialising at a bakery the new It thing. On the menu are sourdough breads, meringue lemon pies, stunning mille-feuille, organic wholegrain bread sandwiches, and the very fun, custard puff rolls. Suffice to say everything is clean, organic, local, healthy, and nutritious – a staple at all their restaurants and cafes. And the signature Parisian style lives on even at this 300 sq. ft. Suzette Bakery in the form of a modern French vibe. 

Suzette bakery

Ever tucked into an authentic French baguette? A bite transports you back to the dreamy bylanes of Paris where wholesome food sits prettily next to  the highest-quality ingredients. That’s the aim of the bakery. The founders Sabbagh and Achache trained at the Paris Bakery & Pastry School five years ago and know all the best-kept secrets for creating the best bakery favourites (Sabbagh even interned at a Parisian bakery known for its baguettes). And, armed with a mutual love for homegrown produce and authentic experiences, the trio made sure they left no stone unturned in making this bakery a treasure trove of interesting ideas. 

Mille-feuille Mumbai

The stars of the show include Meringue Lemon Pie, Chocolate Tart, and freshly assembled Mille-feuille. Accompanying them are wholegrain bread sandwiches stuffed with fresh vegetables and meats. We’re excited about the Viennoiseries – Puff Brioche and Custard Puff Roll. The chefs at Suzette have also made sure they sta on the right side of healthy by avoiding food colouring and processed ingredients.

Suzette Bakery

So the next time you are in Pali Naka, put your phone on silent, enjoy a sourdough sandwich, and ask for a second helping of the Paris-Brest (a classic choux filled with hazelnut and almond praliné butter cream, and topped with roasted hazelnuts) while you catch up with a friend at Suzette Bakery.

Where: Suzette Bakery, Gaspard Enclave – Shop 10, St John Rd, Next to Kitchen Garden, Pali Naka, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050

Contact No: 022 6694 0027 / 74000 31448

Opening Hours: 8:30 am – 11:00 pm 

Delivery options: The entire menu except traditional French pastries section will be available for delivery on both Swiggy & Scootsy. Traditional French pastries will be available for take-away only.


Mumbai’s new Suzette Bakery: Serving Mille-feuille and French decadence

Latha Sunadh

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