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Review: Game Palacio, Mumbai’s new nightclub with a bowling alley and arcade gaming parlour

The Game Palacio has four eclectic alter-egos — nightclub, fine dining restaurant, bowling alley, and retro arcade zone. And it all comes down to which space excites you the most. 

This is where glamour meets playfulness, and contemporary clubbing meets retro fun. Game Palacio, a hybrid nightclub, is perhaps the first of its kind in India. They encapsulate every indulgence one seeks during the weekend, looking for a slice of family-friendly fun (or not) and some quality cocktail sipping. On paper, sure, this meeting of worlds may certainly sound bizarre. But take our word for it, Game Palacio ties it all together so seamless and elegantly that it feels mini-dimensional. More so, they’re based in Bandra, right at the nucleus of Mumbai’s nightlife, looking to expand to other metropolitan cities.

We went down to this boutique gaming nightclub to check out the hype for ourselves. Here’s all our experience and what we think.

Game Palacio

Let’s talk about the decor. As you step onto the bowling deck, you’ll notice the bespoke transparent bowling lanes, a first in the world. Carved out of treated pinewood with a black and gold lining and designed in Hungary to keep up to the restaurant’s aesthetic. We see tons of gold treatments running all through Palacio, shimmering against an elegant black velvety base.

Game Palacio

However, we can’t say the same about Game Palacio’s arcade zone. Much like the 90s, this space is an absolute neon fiesta that’s guaranteed to excite your inner child. The retro games and the ambience truly take us back a few decades. During the day, it’s open to kids and families, but as the sun sets, it turns into an extension of their nightclub. I can definitely see the appeal of being a couple of cocktails down and challenging your peers to an arcade duel. However, just because we say ‘retro’ doesn’t mean it’s outdated. Alongside the classics, their game parlour also features contemporary icons like Injustice, Resident Evil, and more. You can even drive Lambos and Ferraris on their racers, too.

game palacio

Moving on to the food section. We started off with some Salt & Pepper prawns. I found the play of peppers to perfectly compliment the prawns as it was a light-hearted blend of crisp and spice. We also binged on some Oyster Baby Lamb Dimsum, which was not your usual dim sum at all. I paired it with a Spiced Old Fashioned and a Golden Haze (Whiskey). The OF certainly packed the punch I was looking for. On the other hand, the Golden Haze was a very lovely blend. More so, it comes topped off with gold dust.

Game Palacio

The other dish that really got my attention was the Slow Cooked Sesame Pork Belly served with spicy oyster sauce. I think it was tender enough and rich in flavour, making for a winning combination. Notably, the Roast Duck would also be our top pick. While so, we sipped on the Tuxedo, a cool lady’s drink that promises the freshness of the tanginess of grapes, all over a gin base. If you’re feeling a little experimental, try out the Night Empire. With a mellow cucumber base, it packs a punch of tequila. Something different.

game palacio

We finished off with a Pan-seared John Dory tossed with Swiss chard and served with (options of sauces) hollandaise sauce. The fish was fresh, cooked tender and was perhaps one of our top picks of the evening. Finally, for dessert, we ended up ordering a Smoked Charcoal Flan and a Belgium Tiramisu. We were certainly impressed by both, but we hope Game Palacio expands their dessert menu a bit.

Price: Rs 2,000 for two (Approx. and excluding alcohol)

Ambience: Lively

Timings: 11 am – 4 pm

Address: G0001/B, Krystal Building 206, Below Hakkasan, Waterfield Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

All images: Courtesy brand

Review: Game Palacio, Mumbai’s new nightclub with a bowling alley and arcade gaming parlour

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