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    A refined, classier version of the Chinese cuisine that has grown on Indians, Yi Jing brings back flavours of the 90s while keeping the modern flavours of 2020 intact. Nothing tastes better than nostalgia and Yi Jing is here to channel just that. This Chinese restaurant by ITC first opened at Kohenur, Hyderabad. Now, its second outpost recently opened doors in Delhi.

    yi jing delhi
    Prawn Hargao

    Well-lit red and black interiors and plush seating will instantly take you back to the Asian restaurants from childhood. Two private dining rooms, a Chinese teppanyaki seating, separate bar, and hot plates seating–the space is generous and there wouldn’t be an evening when it could ever feel cramped.
    With a 14-page menu, you know you’re going to be spoilt for choice. The dim sums alone are of 17 kinds. The Prawn Hargao is a hero dish that melts in mouth, bursting with flavour. The Hunan Style Chili Tofu is smooth as silk and mixes tastes that appeal to the Indian palate—soy, diced onion, ginger, chili, cashewnuts—making it a great appetiser for vegetarians. The Cantonese Style Lotus Stem impressed with its quality of the lotus stem, however, the sweetness factor could be better balanced with it being tart. The Chili Green Bean with Sichuan Pepper is ideal for an accompaniment—with your soups as well as mains.

    yi jing delhi
    Chicken Char Sui Dumplings

    Sichuan Style Crispy Prawns are succulent and high on spice. Although that’s not the Indian chili, rather the more peppery Chinese chilies. While a crispy outer layer gives way to tender prawn meat, the dish would’ve been perfect had the flavours seeped till the inner layers. The Exotic Mushroom in Mala Sauce is one to lookout for—a dish where Yi Jing’s culinary skills shine and the play of texture and flavour stands out. The noodles hark back to the typical Indo-Chinese taste we know of, the fried rice leans more towards the authentic, and it’s the Handmade Noodles that taste just like those are right out of China.
    What we loved? The fact that old school Chinese has a worthy home in Delhi now. What could be better? The service can surely be more intuitive to the diner, here’s where the old school of inflexible, rote responses don’t necessarily charm.

    yi jing delhi
    Sichuan Braised Pork Belly

    Where: Sheraton Hotel, Saket District Centre, District Centre, Sector 6, Pushp Vihar
    Contact: +91‭114266 1122
    Opening hours: 7 pm to 11:45 pm, all days. 12:30 pm to 2:45 pm, Sundays only.
    Recommended dishes: Prawn Hargao, Exotic Mushroom in Mala Sauce
    Price: Rs 3,000 for two (excluding taxes)
    Noise levels: Low
    Service: Helpful, but could be more receptive to diners

    All images: Courtesy Yi Jing. Featured image: Getty Images

    Megha Uppal
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