Thoroughly influenced by social media, cafes in Chennai serve a variety of fusion food and beverages, with a side of contemporary style, but a soul that’s completely Indian. Here’s our list of 10 most ‘gram-able’ cafes in Chennai.

Coffee and South India share a deep connection. A love story that started in the 1600s, Filter Coffee or ‘Kaapi’ has become synonymous with the heart of the south. Over a century, the impact of colonialism and expat settlement has turned the Madras coffee scene into a café culture: coffee, food, hangout spot, and makeshift workplace combined into one. Cut to 2020, this culture has come a long way.


Amelies cafe

Located within a charming bungalow in the upscale Alwarpet, Amelie’s is famous for their signature ice creams, made fresh, every day. But, if you’re looking to snack, lunch, or brunch on something savoury, the menu boasts an extensive array of sandwiches, pasta, coffee, and more.

Writer’s Café

Here’s where your love for food can meet your love for books, making it the perfect spot for a date with yourself and with Instagram, of course. Opt for one of their scrumptious baked goods on display, made fresh.

English Tea Room

cafes in Chennai

If you’re looking for an elegant, comforting vibe, then this is just the space for you. Not only is it Insta-worthy, it looks like a chill zone right off of your Pinterest board. Slow down and unwind over great conversation and fragrant, organic loose-leaf tea.

Chamiers (Anokhi)

cafes in Chennai

This quaint café is also located in a vintage-style bungalow. It shares space with two stores and doubles up as an event zone. Chamiers café serves up some mean sweet potato fries and an all-day breakfast and who doesn’t love a good all-day breakfast spread?


Ciclo café, as the name would suggest, acts as both a café and a bicycle shop. Super cool, right? It’s popular with cyclists across the city who enjoy a classic post workout Sunday spread: lasagna, pizza, filet mignon, along with training on cycling, cycling equipment, and new cycles.

Brew Room

Once again, brew room is aptly named, alluding to its extensive coffee and tea menu. It’s the perfect afternoon hangout spot and they have some yummy sliders. The contrasting white interiors against blue furniture makes it great for the gram.

Café De Paris

Cafe De Paris

It’s a Parisian-themed café. Need I say more, Insta fans? Everything from the chic, plush interiors to the perfectly cut cake slices make for a pretty photo op. You can’t go wrong with cakes and pastries at this joint.


cafes in Chennai

Designed with Scandinavian principles in mind, Fika looks like a minimalistic secret garden. Yes, that was a mouthful but trust us. They serve great salads and desserts, as you bask in the sun without feeling hot; the perfect combo for those that live in Chennai.

Canvas By Sketch

Walking into this resto-café is like entering a tropical paradise. It doesn’t get more millennial or Insta-worthy than this, with pops of colour strewn across several accents. It’s equipped with a coffee bar and an offering of scrumptious dumplings, truly, what more could one ask for?


This time, we’re saving the best for the last. The amethyst café is one of the classics among the cafes in Chennai. It’s tucked away between thick foliage, giving you just the escape you need from the city. Stop by here for wholesome meals like scrambled eggs and soul-satisfying pasta, lots of healthy options included.

Featured image: Canvas by Sketch 

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