Indians love condiments and the flavour it lends to dishes. It is one thing that finds its place in an overstocked pantry, no questions asked. Traditionally speaking, it is what makes Indian food rich in variety and diverse in cultures. If you are looking to season your palates with new spices and flavours, check out these sauces in India that you can order online.

Wonder Food and Farms

sauces in India

Wonder Food and Farms makes ready-to-cook gourmet and pastas in myriad flavours. They offer 300ml jars of sauces and different pastas in six flavours including Makhani, Biryani, Malawani, Cafreal, Pomodoro and Alfredo. They recently introduced Goan Curry and Xacuti for those missing the susegad vibes of the Goan kitchens. You can use these to make delicious meals in no time and upgrade your lockdown cooking.

El Diablo

sauces in India

El Diablo is all about redefining the hot trends in your pantry. Via 13 unique flavours, they offer a repository of revelatory sauces. You can select from Kiwi Raw Papaya BBQ, Mango Garlic, Smoked Green Chilli, Cranberry Ghost Chilli, Hot Steppers, among others. Pair them as dressings with your burgers and sandwiches or marinate them with your pastas and salad — these sauces won’t disappoint.


sauces in India

Cook outrageously savoury Asian meals at home using flavoursome sauces by MasterChow. Besides offering noodles and pantry packages, sauces are their biggest sellers. You can order Schezwan, Chilli and Garlic, Holy Basil, Black Bean and Garlic, and Hot and Spicy. They are all priced at Rs 240 per bottle, which will help amplify your cooking skills and give your own twist to Indian-Chinese.


sauces in India

They sell flavour bombs in jars that will explode in your mouth. Serving all across India, NativeTongue sauces are locally sourced and handmade by Ruchira Sonalkar. They offer a range of freshly-made artisan nut butters, fresh fruit preserves, sauces, spreads, and gourmet condiments. NativeTongue’s ambrosial sauces and spreads make food look as good as it tastes. Their delivery usually takes 2-6 days.


sauces in India

If your spice-o-meter is over 9000, then NaaginSauce is where to need to head to place your next pantry-stock order. They felt someone needed to revamp the Indian sauce, and so, NaaginSauce is their tribute to the fiery aplomb that comes from local condiments. Specialising in hot sauces, you can select from Naagin Bhoot (featuring the infamous Bhut Jolokia) and Naagin Original (the OG Indian sauce).

Saucery India

sauces in India

Saucery India aims to introduce everyone to gourmet, easy cooking with their collection of yummy dips and sapid sauces. If the words peri-peri hummus makes you drool, this is where you need to be. But they also pack Jalapeno and Cilantro, Roasted Garlic and Chilli, Caramalised Onion and Dill, and more. You can also order vegan and yoghurt dips.

The Sauce Co.

sauces in India

Delivering only in Mumbai, The Sauce Co. wants you to be the perfect host when it comes to throwing a wholesome house party. Take your cooking skills to the next level with their Indian-Chinese sauces (Red Pepper, Chilli Garlic, and more) or Mexican-style Honey Chipotle. Dip it or toss it, the next best thing in your pantry would be sauces by this place in Mumbai.

Perico India

Exclusive in Pune, Perico India is all about homemade condiments and artisanal sauces. A young gun in the field of established gourmet sauce-makers, they are fairly new to the game but know their play. They have introduced the brand with their all-natural Chilli Oil, which can be used in various recipes such as pizzas, pastas, or even Khichdi.

Not Just Hot

Bengaluru-bound Not Just Hot Sauces & More offers a gourmet collection of homemade artisanal hot wok sauces, spice mixes, marinades, spreads and oils inspired by travel across continents. From vegan Red Hot sauce to Thai Curry Pastes to vegan Andhra Chilli Sauce, their stuff will not only make you a faster cook in the kitchen but also way more experimental. Not Just Hot sauces add a certain personality to the food and your home pantry.

All images: Courtesy brands