Right when the auto-sphere seemed to be on a bit of a slump, we get news of potentially the hottest auto collab this season. Aston Martin’s signature brand of luxury and automotive ingenuity has, for long, redefined the driving experience for the roads, so imagine the possibilities if the British marque took to the skies. No need to guess then, now that many millionaires’ dreams have come true with the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition. It might not be a private jet (yet) but this luxury private helicopter is still very much focused on “delight[ing] helicopter owners and pilots” with its extensive range of four interior and exterior designs, specially generated by the masters of luxury themselves.

aston martin helicopters

To be clear, this chopper isn’t fully Aston Martin pedigree despite carrying its name, but created in collaboration with Airbus Corporate Helicopters, a high-end bespoke firm which specialises in tailoring helicopters for the rich and famous. Here, the travel experience is significantly enhanced with cosmetic upgrades, much like how Aston Martin did for peculiar Toyota iQ-based Cygnet years ago.

Aston martin helicopters

Four external liveries with complementary interiors are a part of the deal, depending on how you’d like to be photographed when you approach your yacht landing pad. There’s a Stirling Green external scheme which shouts Aston’s heritage with plenty of pride and is unsurprisingly already on the first aircraft. The paint job fades down into jet Black and is accented by Skyfall Silver cowlings. If green isn’t your thing then hit up either the Xenon Grey, Ultramarine Black or Arizona paint jobs. 

The graduated liveries are met with sports cars-inspired interiors (naturally), and are centred around comfort and a lot of leather. The Pure Black ultra-suede trim can be paired with a choice of leathers ranging from Oxford Tan and a matching Pure Black, to Cormorant and Ivory. Aston Martin’s wings are embossed onto the seat’s headrests and a couple of other leather features for good measure, while the back of the front seats borrows the DB11’s brogue detailing for extra finesse. All doors are trimmed with leather, and each of these special editions will see a plaque on the instrument panel that details its edition number and even the owner’s name. 

Aston martin helicopters

Inside, an Arriel 2D jet engine lends 952shp at take-off and a cruising speed of 134 knots — or 248kph if you don’t speak aviation. Up to six passengers are able to stay in the air for up to four hours on a full tank, giving you plenty of leeway to finally plan for that island vacation without clamouring on board a plane full of boisterous tourists. 

All images: Courtesy Aston Martin

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