What was 2018’s biggest automobile trend? Would it be the preferential transition from luxury sedans to luxury SUV? Or the cross-breeding of luxury cruising with sporty indulgences? To say the least, last year was a teaser-fuelled year for 2019, as we have a handful of mega-launches this year that say a lot about the trend that will follow. While some automobile brands like BMW and Lamborghini who focus on creating a track-to-road hybrid while aiming for the future. At the very same time, we see brands like Porsche and Bentley, who strive to carry forward a legacy of their timeless classic models. It’s a mix and match, but there are multiple schools of thought as far as the future of the automobile industry is concerned. As we’ve just begun 2019, we have our list of upcoming supercars and luxury cars we’re excited to see in the months to come.