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Seats like beds, mini fridges, climate control – step inside the most luxurious cars ever

Right from every stitch of the seat to the hyper-intelligent state-of-the-art dashboard console, today a luxury car is made as much of amazing mechanics as the interiors. Automakers are paying attention equally to powering up these luxury chariots and how the experience is when the person sits inside. This includes everything from mini champagne fridges to rare leather upholstery to elegant wooden finishes. Here’s a list of the most unique and best car interiors we found on Indian roads.

Being known as the most luxurious car on earth means that the Phantom has a first-class cabin. Every trimming in this vehicle is made of high-quality material, expertly laid out to provide the most comfortable motoring experience you can buy. The trend of having a mini fridge in a car was popularized and immortalized by this luxe chariot, and it is fronted by the longest bonnet in the history. Housing a 414-HP V12, the Rolls-Royce Phantom is nothing short of a limousine, featuring an two infotainment panels for the rear seat, independent seat reclining and heating. Don’t forget the suicide doors and ‘star-studded’ sun roof.

The Continental GT V-8 may start close to Rs 3.58 cr in India, but for your money, you get a truly incredible cabin. From the wood and metal trims to the leather that covers almost every surface, the Bentley Continental GT’s interior is absolutely gorgeous. Sewing it all together requires nearly 2 miles of thread and 310,675 stitches in total. As a beacon of English on-road luxury, the new GT is as enjoyable for the driver as is for the rear passenger. Don’t let its coupe composition fool you, the extra seats behind come with excellent legroom.

The upcoming edition of the glorious 7 Series line is certainly something to be excited about. As a brand, BMW blends motocross and luxury in its vehicles, promising the best of both worlds and the 7 Series is their magnum opus. The model made news for its massive kidney-grille a couple of months back but the real magic is inside. BMW claims that the interior have been draped in exclusive fabrics and materials, while also featuring state-of-the-art infotainment consoles and a touch-screen panel for interior lighting and seat customisation on its rear arm-rest.

If you’d like to enter a French luxury shuttle that comes with a 1500-HP pedal, opt for the Chiron. Holding a ground-breaking W16 engine, this automobile is the sixth fastest production car to ever exist at 261-mph. And in-case you’re wondering, yes, the Chiron is available in India at Rs 19 cr but hasn’t had any takers yet. Its interior are more simplified than a lot of cars on this list, and that’s not a bad thing. There’s no big infotainment screen or sea of buttons to distract you from the road. All the controls are simple and elegantly laid out. With just four knobs on its dashboard for climate control and seat settings, Bugatti offers a vast selection of colour and material combinations from the finest hand-picked leather to precious metals. There are two independent sun roofs and a pod-like racing seat. Can you name another car that boasts a 500-kmph speedometer?

Whether you go coupe, sedan, or convertible, the Mercedes S-Class provides one of the most luxurious, well-appointed cabins on the market. The seats are impeccable and the dual digital dash screens provide all the tech-related features you could ever ask for. The ‘Rear Seat Comfort Package’ allows you to almost turn your seat into a bed by folding the front seat forward, reclining the rear and pushing up a leg support cushion. With climate control and ambient lighting, the S Class also boasts rear seat infotainment panels and Burmester sound support.

All images: Courtesy brands

Seats like beds, mini fridges, climate control – step inside the most luxurious cars ever

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