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Are OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi getting into the autonomous car business?

OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi are reportedly working on autonomous cars, drones, and boats as they recently filed patents ‘OnePlus Life’ and ‘realme TechLife’.

Remember when OnePlus April fooled us by saying they’re building autonomous ‘Warp’ cars? Yeah, we had quite a laugh at that too, especially considering how premature the industry was when it came to electric cars. However, fast forward to today and it turns out, that joke is turning into a reality. OnePlus recently filed a patent for ‘OnePlus Life’, and let me tell you, they mean some serious business.

OnePlus isn’t the only smartphone/tech brand jumping into the autonomous car league, we recently saw Sony’s Vision-S while Xiaomi announced the same back in March, this year that their EV will debut in 2024. More so, Apple is probably testing their iCar in a secret lab somewhere in California at this point. So it isn’t really a new market trend for smartphone/tech brands to decide to build electric cars.

Fresh out of the pot are OnePlus with a particulary interesting case. As per their patent filings, they’re looking to build ‘Driverless/autonomous cars, self-balancing scooters, self-balancing boards, remote-controlled trolleys, drones, boats, electric unicycles’ and more. Similarly, Realme and come forth with the name ‘realme TechLife and TL device’, which is valid until April 2031 with the save product portfolio as OnePlus Life. Oppo and Vivo have also applied for the same under their names. However, while OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Realm have all applied for this, only Realme managed to secure their registration.

Seeing tech brands compete in a fresh race like this would definitely be interesting. And considering this blank slate, it’s hard to estimate which brands would lead the markets, especially the Indian markets. Can we expect the same market profiles for their cars as their current lineup of smartphones do? With Apple being a premium option while Realmi, Xiaomi, and Vivo, are entry-level options? Similarly, OnePlus and Samsung could share the same competitive space. It’s tough to pin down considering it’s a whole new industry. For now, the OnePlus Warp Car is already present on their website, so I guess the race has begun.

The OnePlus Warpcar is claimed to be the world’s fastest charging electric vehicle. You can do Los Angeles to Las Vegas or 270 miles on a 20 minute Warp charge. Expect a zero-to-60 sprint in 3.0 seconds and a top range of 290 miles. The interiors, are said to be a ‘modern, driver-focused cockpit with tinted carbon fiber accents and Morandi Gray leather trim’. That’s all for now.

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