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The concept of flying cars and aerial urban commute has been a staple in movies for decades now. It’s 2019 and we are moving towards luxury motoring by air. We recently saw Uber make headlines for developing their branch of aerial taxis, and today, Porsche and Boeing have collaborated on this endeavour to take it forward with private vehicles. Their plan is to build vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) air crafts for elite passengers and clientele who’d like to skip urban traffic with a direct airborne solution.

Porsche and Boeing’s new collaborative endeavor of revolutionizing the future of urban commute

While this concept is in it’s initial stages, Porsche and Boeing have signed a non-exclusive memorandum of understanding, which means they’ll look for ways to work together and develop the infrastructure and design but they aren’t locked into a binding agreement. As a part of the partnership, the companies say they will “create an international team to address various aspects of urban air mobility, including analysis of the market potential for premium vehicles and possible use cases.”

The Uber Elevate concept – It’s current rival

Porsche and Boeing aren’t the only companies who are looking to build and develop an airborne city commute service. Uber, Volvo, and even Airbus are already the key players in this unborn motoring industry. But as one of the largest aerospace companies in the world, clearly, Boeing has the resources and the engineering prowess to get something in the air sooner than most.

Boeing’s subsidiary company, Aurora Flight Services seem to be the division in charge. But their plan of developing a vertically lifting electric car for short city hops does come with a huge demand of infrastructure. Apart from building designated landing zones, fuel is another costly factor. As of today, Porsche and Boeing haven’t made an official comment on when this project might turn into reality, but it does come with a plan of operating globally.

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