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Another day, another Ferrari. This time, the Prancing Horse of Italy welcomes a new member to their fleet of ultra-luxe sportscars. With strong influences from the Tributo, the Ferrari F8 Spider is now more powerful than ever with its twin-turbo powerplant, the kind of engine you would be seeing in performance vehicles. Taking the top off for the Frankfurt Motor Show ’19, the new Spider is significantly lighter and faster than its predecessor, the 488 Spider, yet Ferrari wants this one to be an approachable driver’s car for city streets as well as country roads.

Striking visual resemblance to the 488 and F8 Tributo, yet a refreshing look

The guzzler, lifted straight out of the Pista, makes 710-horsepower at 8000 RPM and 568 lb-ft of raw torque. All this power has sent down to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission which will allow you to power glide from 0-62-mph in 2.9 seconds, and 0-124-mph in just 8.2 seconds. Even for an on-road production breed, it maxes out at 211-mph, a bit much maybe?

Retractable hard-top that operates up to speeds of 28-mph

In terms of key features, the Ferrari F8 Spider comes with a unique retractable hard top, which deploys in roughly 14-seconds and can function even at speeds of 28-mph. While the top’s down, the roof is stored under a tonneau cover just above the engine. Two buttresses rise to peaks behind the driver and passenger seatbacks.

Ferrari F8 Spider’s interior

Apart from this, Ferrari have also incorporated the F8 Tributo’s performance tech and the company’s new side slip control, which allows for more controlled drifting. There’s also the “Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer” system, which adjusts brake pressure at each individual caliper to best optimize traction into and out of corners.

Powered by V8 Twin-Turbo that churns out 710-horsepower

Even though the new F8 Spider comes off as a track-driven vehicle, Ferrari actually wants it to be a very approachable driver’s car. With undisclosed specifics, Ferrari said that the car comes with technology to limit the car’s power and tone it down to street requirements. At first glance itself, the F8 Tributto’s bonnet style and 488’s headlight design makes itself very prominent. In classic Ferrari style, the double-barred front air-vent compliments the ones out back, making it alot more sportier.

The Ferrari F8 Spider will be showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show ’19. So far, Ferrari hasn’t made an official comment on when we’ll see an on-road debut or pricing, but that won’t keep us from dreaming about it.

All Images: Courtesy Ferrari

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