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The newest flag-bearer of master craftsmanship between the two worlds of jewel enrichment and automobile extravagance comes in the form of a one-of-one supermini Fiat 500, which has been redesigned with Bvlgari’s Italian plush.

Both Italian house, Fiat and Bvlgari, teamed up to celebrate the launch of their first ever electric car, the 500 supermini. Adding Bvlgari’s extravagant suave to the mix, they created a one-of-one supermini called the “B.500 BY BVLGARI — “MAI TROPPO,” which translates to “Never Too Much”. Breaking away from Bvlgari’s roots of jewellery and indulging in a more exuberant side of motoring is certainly fun to see.

 fiat 500

Inspired by Bvlgari’s birthplace Rome, B.500 BY BVLGARI Mai troppo is a convertible, and incorporates the colours and the exceptional light of the Eternal City. It’s metallic paint in Imperial Saffron. Besides that, the glossy finish on this Fiat 500 is obtained through the integration of a special gold dust, the highly precious scraps of the jewels’ manufacturing process coming from Bvlgari’s production site in Valenza.

To the front, you’ll see the trademark ‘500’ along with the ‘Bvlgari’ marking. Other unique touches include the car’s wheels that are inspired by BVLGARI’s eight-pointed Condotti star, finished to look like golden rays of light.

 fiat 500

Inside this limited edition Fiat 500 is a dashboard draped in pristine silks with iconic motifs from the maison’s rich Italian heritage. The seats are decked with octane leather, finished with a refined shade on shade embroidery. From the driver’s seat, the steering wheel comes with a diamond-set logo embellished piece that’s a spectacular gem combination of amethyst, citrine and topaz. As a mark of Bvlgari’s extravagance, the car’s key is crafted out of gold.

fiat 500

Well, there isn’t a price on this car and neither would this be up for retail. Being a one-of-one Bvlgari novelty, the B.500 — “MAI TROPPO will be auctioned in July 2020 with all proceeds going to one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s environmental organizations.

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