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6 open world games that let you explore new realms on your computer

The core reason why ‘open world games’ have been universally acclaimed over the years is quite simple – Freedom.

When it comes to being social, our generation might be as far as it could get from the word ‘freedom’ right now. For those with a few extra hours at home during this lockdown, Netflixing and gaming are the only two on-screen alternatives for entertainment. And out of the many genres of gaming, there’s one in particular that meets the need of the hour best: Open World games.


Let’s start off with the not only one of the best open world games to ever exist but also one of the most iconic gaming franchises too. GTA San Andreas was the roots for GTA 5 to bloom over today. Just like all other GTAs, it is based on crime, guns, adventure, and serious gangster affairs. It’s a web of criminal exploits and mind-boggling turns, missions to hunt down and shenanigans to engage in. This game is so intimately made with its level of detail, that it may just be a different world altogether right there on your computer. Notably, even though it launched in 2013, it’s the best selling game of the last decade in the UK.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Despite being a tale of magic and fantasy, The Witcher has been able to still deliver a solid and well-grounded story. It’s no wonder they had a Netflix show made after it. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. Set in an absolutely enormous open world filled with countless quests. The characters you meet are all interesting, the smallest side quests have unique and often funny twists and turns, and the environments are stunningly realised. It can be overwhelming, but it’s a game you’d keep wanting to come back for.

Red Dead Redemption 2

You might be stuck at home as a responsible and law-abiding citizen but here’s your ticket to turning into an American outlaw. Red Dead Redemption 2 is packed of activities to keep you busy as soon as you step foot in its world. Its tale of a gradually disappearing age of outlaws as civilisation comes to the Wild West means there’s plenty of people who need your help. But that’s just the secondary objective. The story tells the tale of Dutch Van Der Linde’s efforts to keep his gang afloat while trying not to succumb to his own ego. You can ride a horse through evergreen forests, deserts, and blizzards.

Far Cry 5

There’s something very wholesome about Far Cry 5. We’re not sure if it’s because you can own a pet, live a life of a doomsday rural, the free-spirited nature of the game, or maybe all three. However, the situation on the ground is a bit more intense than that. Eden’s Gate might sound like a picturesque location, and it is when you’re not busy fighting cultists or fleeing from angry wild animals. Unlike previous Far Crys, this one lets you explore the map and build up the story at your own pace. In the meantime, you can glide, go fishing, hunting, or train yourself for battle.

Forza Horizon 4

In a traditional sense, the Forza dynasty is purely built on racing, but at the same time, it’s so much more. The reason its one of the best open world games today is because of its dual tonality; it’s designed for racing as well as exploring. Just like the other games on this list, Forza Horizon 4 also has a map. You can go from pin to pin and take part in races and build up your virtual garage with faster cars, collectable cars, and plenty more. As the game also works online, it consistently gets extensions, for instance, the Fortune Island package.


At this point, Minecraft hardly needs an introduction, but it has earned its place on this list. Besides offering hours of fun, this adorable survival game’s optional build mode serves endless sessions of block-building that many compare to the joys of building LEGOs. On top of this, since the title is offered as a premium release, you can share your purchase with your entire family without the need to spend any more money.

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