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Digital edge: 7 best lifestyle apps for the busy woman

The modern women plays many roles. To support them, here’s a list of the best apps for women.

Let’s face it, smartphones are essential for millennials today. Designed as a useful tech tool for productivity and efficiency, it turned into a digital assistant that’s wired in 24/7. Now things have gone south on the productivity scale, leaving us addicted to social media and the millennial angst, which drives us through it. To make these smartphones efficient again for women, we took it upon ourselves to dig through the junk and find the best means to stay productive in our busy lives – from smart travelling to fitness and health, here are the best apps women should download right now.

Asana Rebel – The digital coach you actually need

Asana Rebel’s interface

A digital gateway to the world of fitness, Asana Rebel undeniably sounds niche, but it’s one of the best apps for women who aspire to lead a healthy life. Moreover, it offers ambient sounds to suit various moods and activities like workouts, meditation, reading, and more. Asana Rebel also helps first-timers with a suitable wellness and fitness routine.

Blinkist – To read yet save time

Listening and story list interface on Blinkist

Readers who barely have the time to read, Blinkist will read out your favorite books to you. With a new short story format, Blinkist condenses big novels into 15 min reads. The topics span across genres such as corporate, food, nature, education, romance, and more. Blinkist is a 99% paid app, it only gives you one free book a day.

Clue – Period & cycle tracker

Clues period cycle display interface

Clue is one of the most recommended period tracking apps by OB/GYNs. Whether you want to track your period cycle or analyse your mood routine, Clue will help you monitor your menstrual cycle like a pro.

Hopper – For Vacation Planning

Hopper’s flight search interface

We’ve all been through terrible times when flight prices simply break our bank accounts, and we patiently for the best price that suits the budget. Hopper works around the clock to find you the best deal. It even suggests which days are worth booking and how it will be priced. We say, the best app for advance vacation planning.

Practo – For emergency medical help

Practo’s service search interface

Finding a doctor in your vicinity can be an exasperating task, but Practo is here to make your life easier. It helps you find clinics, hospitals, and medical stores covering all medical spectrums. Practo offers a list of specialists in all categories and suggests the nearest one in your locality. The app’s credibility is another reason to download as it shows the doctor’s qualifications and experience.

Lifesum – To eating and feeling well

Lifesum’s diet and  food tracking interface

Lifesum is social media’s most acclaimed app. It helps you sort your diet, discover new recipes, and track your calorie and carb intake. If you’ve taken the road to a healthier lifestyle, then this is the first app you need to download. Lifesum lets you share your accomplishments and food blogger-esque pictures to inspire other people on the app.

Forest- To better productivity

Forest’s interface

Unlike other apps, Forest is an app designed to make you less addicted to phones and social media. Its inbuilt feature lets you plant a seed and nurture it, but every time you’d use your phone, the plant withers (at least digitally) making you environmentally conscious or even guilty. A great concept and one of the best apps to make your days more mindful.

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