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7 ‘Made in India’ apps you may be missing out on

With over 277 million web user, India’s tech-sphere has boomed over the past five years. While so, ‘Made in India’ apps have been a golden roar not only domestically, but globally too.

Apps like Zomato, Paytm, and RedBus prove that Indian tech developers are no slouch when it comes to making progress across the board. But during India’s recent tech revolution, a bunch of made-in-India apps didn’t quite get the spotlight they deserved. Some for productivity, some for utility, and others for entertainment. Don’t miss out on these made in India apps that could be great local alternatives in hour daily tech hustle.


Developed by IndiaNIC, the best in the country, Clippy works as a transfer medium between devices. When there are bulk files that need to go from a computer to a smartphone device or vice-versa, this is where it comes handy. You’ll need to, of course, download the app on both platforms, sync and select the data to be transferred. Overall, it’s a great medium for transferring files.


With a cool 4.2 rating on Google Play and a 4 on Apple’s App Store, Newshunt was honestly ahead of its time. Before we had In-Shorts, this was the coolest lightweight solution and source of daily news. Its entire dynamic is about being an eclectic source of news. It picks up snippets and headlines from reputed news publications and hyperlinks them back to their respective pages. Simple, quick, and efficient. Also, on the Apple Store, it’s been renamed to DailyHunt.


Did you know that India developed its own Siri? Give it a try, it works pretty well for a voice-recognition and voice-command AI, but of course, can’t be compared to the calibre of Siri or Okay Google. It was all the hype back in 2011. The app is currently at a halt as it couldn’t keep up with the development of the global tech sphere Dextera, its developer, say they’re working on a better version. Still, a notable achievement.


Sign Easy - Made in India AppsSignEasy was developed by Suai Patro, an ex-Microsoft and IITian who knew the importance of convenient document transfers in the corporate world. It’s always been a long process when having to sign a digital image. You’d have to print it out, sign, scan, and send it back. SignEasy is a made in India solution that eliminates this entire struggle.


Disha - Made in INdia Apps

Also called ‘SOS Women’s Safety, this app was developed by protecting lives of people in any emergencies. In case of any unsafe situation, just TAP the SOS button to raise a emergency SOS alert to the trusted contacts saved in the application. The SOS alert will be in the form of SMS informing that you are unsafe and need help. It’s a great initiative as women safety has been a growing concern over the past years.


Hike - Made in India apps

Hike is probably the most successful Make in India app on this list and for good reason. It can contest Whatsapp and iMessage with its capabilities. According to statistics, 60 per cent users remain Indian while the other 40 per cent are distributed between European and Latin American nations. Developed by Bharti Softbank, it offers free calling and tons of Whatsapp-like features.

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7 ‘Made in India’ apps you may be missing out on

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