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Apple’s CarPlay will completely take over your car’s digital dashboard

At WWDC 2022, Apple stunned the auto and tech world by presenting their new CarPlay tech that takes over the infotainment and instrument panel.

This made us imagine a world where this form of Apple CarPlay goes into mainstream use. It also makes me wonder why can’t this actually be a reality? If we have this, why would automakers spend millions of dollars and pounds buffing up their in-cabin tech? They literally have nifty infotainment served hot to them that has already witnessed serious consumer demand. Also, in case you’re wondering what the hype is about, the updated CarPlay is a full refresh offering a better connection with the car’s instrument panel and deeper integration with the car, is much more than an infotainment software as we’ve known it to be. Users will be able to actively customize what they see on their instrument panel with a very Apple-looking widget aesthetic. Here’s more about it.

Apple CarPlay: WWDC 2022

Apple Carplay

The new Apple CarPlay update now lets you add trip info, control the cabin’s climate and lighting, check the weather, feature enhanced navigation, offer information on fuel and battery levels, and much more. So in theory, you could control the car’s air conditioning system from your infotainment while also looking at key indicators like the speedometer, RPM, and the instrument cluster with Apple Maps running in the background. It can also adapt to the resolutions and screen sizes of various cars. Literally, think of this as an iPad glued onto your instrument panel and another as your infotainment screen.

Apple Carplay

On another note, this is the closest we’ve gotten to know what the mystery Apple Car would look like. Literally, nobody knows anything about this phantom EV and Apple is playing this one really close to the chest. However, considering the fully digital dashboard approach with this CarPlay update, we’d expect this to influence the car’s cabin design. So yeah, one continuous screen stretching from the driver’s dashboard to the infotainment screen and more.
Apple Carplay
So far, we’ve also heard that auto manufacturers are already considering integrating the new CarPlay tech into their cars. Big names like Ford, Land Rover, Nissan, Volvo, Polestar, and many more have shown interest. Boldy, Apple says 98% of all new cars have CarPlay and 79% consider this to be a deal-breaker when buying a new car.
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