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Apple finally listened to MacBook users for their new Pro 2021

Apple’s ‘Unleashed’ event came with plenty of surprises, but the one that pleased us most was the new and revamped MacBook Pro.

In the Mac ecosystem, the MacBook Pro is the answer to on-the-go performance and some seriously premium cosmetics that came with a hefty price tag. It was powerful yet chic, that’s why people admired it over its competition. However, a couple of years ago, in their pursuit of going ‘fancier’ and alienating every product/feature outside the Apple ecosystem, things took a weird turn for the MacBook.

Users weren’t getting the core essentials of what they’d look for in a modern-day laptop — a generous amount of ports, stronger displays, and universal storage slots. Instead, we got a Touch Bar with overly fragile keyboard buttons and limited ports that left us with no option but to unwillingly purchase all the additional and overpriced Apple connecting wires and dongles. Total mess.

Apple Macbook Pro

While I contemplated buying one a couple of years, this dysfunctional wiring Apple ecosystem-exclusive setup always held me back. Sure, Apple may have gone flashier and shinier with their Mac products, but in the process of doing that, they also almost turned their back on practicality and the fundamentals of a good ol’ laptop. However, after watching yesterday’s Apple Unleashed event, I could say they finally listened.

Apple Macbook Pro

The newly introduced MacBook Pro 2021 is thicker and heavier while offering much more than its predecessor in the hardware department. It’s a trade-off every MacBook user would be happy to make. So, here’s where all that extra size and the weight comes from — HDMI port, SD card slot, MagSafe charging tech, three USB-C / Thunderbolt 4 connectors. They’ve also gotten faster; you now get 64-GB of memory, and up to 8TB of the fastest PCI-Express storage on the market, at 7,400-MB/sec reads.

Remember that annoying Touch Bar? That’s now replaced with good ol’ fashioned keys, just the way they should be. Also, with ProMotion 120-Hz high refresh rate Mini LED/Liquid Retina XDR screens, they might actually be the best in the business. Under the hood and highly impressively, we see 32 GPU cores that Apple claim can take on the Nvidia RTX 3080 chip that’s usually found on top-shelf gaming laptops. All on the new M1 Max chip, which Apple is treating like their new favourite grandson.

Apple Macbook Pro

Also, they’ve borrowed a visual spec from the iPhones, and you already know what it is. There’s a camera notch, which we have mixed feelings about. Finally, you might be wondering how Apple is dealing with all the voltage required to power this machine, they claim the 16-inch model has “the longest battery life ever on a Mac notebook promising up to 17 hours of wireless web”. We’ll see about that.

The 14-inch MacBook Pro begins at Rs 1,94,900, while the 16-inch begins at Rs 2,39,900. You can order them today.

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