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#REVIEW: ASUS V241 AIO – All for one, one for all

Review: We got our hands on the ASUS V241 AIO (all-in-one) computer – A mid-range, 24-inch home office computer that seriously packs a punch. We spent a month with it, and here’s our review.

We live in quite an odd era of consumer computing. We use XL smartphones as tablets, tablets as laptops, and laptops as primary computers. But if we were to draw a Venn Diagram of this ecosystem, AIO computers sit at the center of it. They pack the power of desktop computers, the sleekness of laptops, and the accessory accessibility of tablets. What’s not to like? Its’ a different breed of machine altogether, designed with the ethos of maximal minimality, of making the most of space while it still remains limited. As my personal primary system, I’ve explored the entire spectrum, starting from using a classic desktop computer and then switching to a laptop. As WFH came into effect, I joined the iPad-keyboard club. However, in between using all three things, I noticed the compromises each was making, and I couldn’t find one rounded solution. So in the pursuit of finding a solution, my attention turned towards AIO computers, which brings us to the ASUS V241. It’s the first time I’m using a device of its kind, and I must say, it’s impressive. Let me tell you why.

asus v241 aio

First things first, it’s an AIO, which means, the CPU’s in the back. Which also means, minimalism, simple elegance, and major decluttering, as compared to a standard desktop setup. So if you’re looking for compactness and a brilliantly slim silhouette for your work desk, this is the computer for you. And while you may say that laptops are compact too, they wouldn’t give you the same amount of screen real estate as this. Stretching 23.8-inches, the FHD LED display boasts a super-mini 2-mm bezel, which gives it an 88% screen-t0-body ratio. With all this additional space, you also get visual brilliance. You can expect 100% sRGB gamut and 200% higher contrast, and with an anti-glare tint, its vividity stays intact. Couple this with an NVIDIA® GeForce® MX330 and Iris® Xe integrated Intel® graphics, and you’re packing a powerhouse. Speaking of power, expect the Corei7 11th Gen Intel® to deliver some serious speed. You also get two bottom-fitted speakers.

In terms of its design, the massive screen is supported by a metal stand. It’s actually great build quality and looks stunning on your desk. The keyboard that comes with this AIO has a traveling distance of 2.5-mm, which is just the right amount for being compact while also maximizing space. The mouse too is sleek and sharply responsive. In terms of the spec sheet, quality and build, I’d give this machine a 10/10.

asus v241 aio

So now that we know what brings the juice, let’s talk about the experience. I think having a display stretching this wide really extends your digital peripheral, thus, allowing you to be more productive. This is brilliant for those who look to use this computer for work or even education. Take an example of a graphic designer, for firstly needs great screen space, and second, a strong rendering machine. Or a multitasking businessman, who needs nothing but a smooth operating machine that’s crisp and quick. I think the ASUS V241 AIO clears many checklists.

Let’s talk gaming. Now, I understand that this is an AIO and things are spectacularly compact, but considering gaming is a non-negotiable aspect of a computer experience, I was curious to see where the ASUS V241 stands. I downloaded GTA V, one of the most demanding games in the market today, going straight to fifth gear. What I noticed is that upon higher-spec graphic settings, the system can’t cope at all. It tends to lag and severely overheat. However, on its base-level graphic settings, it fares better. However, not great, not terrible. For higher-end games that embrace graphic detailing and next-gen motions, they may face a tough time on this computer. I mean, an 8-GB RAM can only handle so much, right? But well, I also feel like this isn’t a ‘gaming PC’ per se. It tilts more towards productivity, daily functioning, and simply being a solid all-rounder. You also get 256-GB SSD and 1-TB HDD.


The ASUS V241 AIO (all-in-one) computer is perhaps, a Jack of all trades but a master of none. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a brilliant and powerful machine and features all the right things. However, while possessing the right mix of things, they aren’t necessarily the ‘top-shelf’ mix of things. The display and design, are stunning. The visuals and audio, are even more stunning. I’m truly in love with how sleek and stylish this computer looks on my desk. It’s compact, and nearly wireless, which is a huge plus point. I see this as a perfect machine for daily use and in the case of productivity. If you’re looking for a computer for gaming and graphic-heavy usage, this isn’t built for that. But if you’re more screen space, a trustable daily computer, and are willing to compromise on portability, this could be a winner for you.

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#REVIEW: ASUS V241 AIO – All for one, one for all

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