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Loving your Apple device, not hating its interface? Here are six of the best apps to customise your iPhone and switch things up!

When it comes to iPhone customisation on the outside, we leave no stones unturned. We choose our favourite colour and hunt for the perfect cover, but how it looks on the inside matters just as much. Well, even though iPhones are the perfect canvas for customisation, most of us forget that we can go beyond the signature iOS font, widget styles and factory-set icons. Right from finding the perfect widget style for you to switching up your keyboard with more colour and font styles, we’ve surfed through the App Store to find the very best.

Apps to customise your iPhone and iPad —


Best apps t customize your iPhone

As the name suggests, Widgetsmith offers a wide collection of highly customisable widgets, ranging in function from date to weather to astronomy. What’s cool about the app is that it also lets you schedule the customisation you’ve set. For example, you can have the weather widget show up first thing in the morning and have the activity ring pop up at night. Have fun exploring the plethora of creative and artistic calendars, weather and clock widgets. Tops our list as one of the best apps to customise your iPhone or iPad.


Best apps to customize your iPhone

This is one of those apps that you might either love or delete a minute after downloading it. What does it do? It takes you images, converts them into animated gifs and allows you to use them as your wallpaper. Fun right? You can also set the pattern’s scale, spacing, rotation, and more using smart layouts and settings. It’s certainly creative and funky, and we could see why one would either love or hate the app, but unless you don’t give it a try, you won’t know.

Clarity Wallpaper

Wallpapers are our first line of creativity when it comes to customisation. While some prefer inspirational, others like it fun or aesthetically pleasing. If you’re part of the latter, then this app might be a pleasant refreshment for you and your iPhone. Clarify has tons of themes and collections you can choose from and consistently switch between brilliantly aesthetic wallpapers. We tried it and absolutely loved it.

Fonts + Keyboard fonts & Emoji

Best apps to customize your iPhone

We’ll admit that Apple’s signature font is simply elegant, but sometimes it may be a bit boring, too. If you feel this way, we have a great app for you. Fonts + allows you to play with your iPhone or iPad’s font styles and experiment with them. Remember how you goofed around with MS Word fonts back in the day; you can actually do that here. More so, it features a Dark Mode.

Brass – Custom Icons & Widgets

Best apps t customize your iPhone

Yes, we’ve already listed a widget and icon-customisation app, but this one’s a little different. While Widgetsmith was about vibrancy, this one’s about aesthetics and elegance. Take a look at the picture above; you’ll know what we mean. You get to customise not only the usual weather, calendar, and world clock widgets but also the icons of your apps, which could certainly set your iPhone apart from the rest.

Clock Widget: Custom Clock App

Best apps to customize your iPhone

How about an app dedicated to decorating the way your clock looks? To give it a digital twist or something retro, Clock Widget is the one to own. You get to choose between small, medium and large, and even set photos from your photo gallery and the clock’s background. You get tons of design, background & text colour options to experiment with. You must be thinking, too much attention to just a clock? The answer is yes, but we can’t argue with its results. It’s still one of our favourite and best apps to customize your iPhone.

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