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“Okay, I’m bored in the house, in the house, bored” is currently global existential angst, to say the least, that’s trending everywhere.

We’re about eight weeks into quarantine, and it’s come to our attention that beyond WFH, house chores and Netflix Partying, there isn’t much to do. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we don’t blame you, and neither does Google. Apart from keeping an inventory of real-time COVID-19 stats, Google also notices that our smartphone and internet consumption has spiked, signalling a severe sign of boredom and endless scrolling. 

The Google Doodle games come to the rescue. With a massive archive of games and interactive homepage icons, it’s an all-age-group solution to keeping oneself entertained during this quarantine season.

You start by doing a quick Google Doodle search and head to the ‘Interactive’ section. Once there, you’ll see an entire scroll of Google’s eponymous homepage designs. There’s something for everyone; be it art, nature, sports, adventure, trivia quizzes, and much more. They’re all minimally animated and cute games. The design language seems a bit kiddish, but it needs more than one to complete its challenges. We gave it a try for research purposes. And I’ll have to admit I got carried away for a good 15 mins. It’s a great way to get your mind off things.

To offer a better experience, Google Doodle has revived a few classic games for us. As of right now, we’re playing the ICC Champions Trophy ’17 game and the Earth Day ’20 special. Google has slots for nine additional games listed as “coming soon”, but it’s yet to see if classics such as Pac-Man, the Rubik’s Cube, or the free-throw contest will make returns during this run.

It’s a real dose of nostalgia and light-weight gaming. We’ve always been in creative awe of the Google Doodle posters, and now interactive Google Doodle makes it much better. All you have to do is log in and select your favourite game. It takes a minute to pull it out of the archive, but it’s fine.

All images: Courtesy Google

Mikhail Gomes
Senior Features Writer
A watch aficionado, Gomes also enjoys learning about fine whiskies, and one day hopes to establish his own menswear label. At Lifestyle Asia India, he writes on watches, menswear, auto and tech.