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India-exclusive ‘People Card’ makes you a celebrity on Google

Google is currently testing a new feature called ‘People Card’, allowing its users to widen their web of connectivity and at the same time look like a popular internet personality.

While some might say this looks like a digital visiting card, others think of it as an e-stamp for your profile. It’s exclusively available in India as of now, being the world’s second-largest internet market with self-Googlers. The People Card feature allows you to link your social media accounts, add a brief about yourself and your job/business, among other things. Interestingly, this comes close to looking like a celebrity on the internet. These People Cards aims at helping individuals, influencers, entrepreneurs, prospective employees, self-employed people, freelancers, and visionaries be more accessible by creating a digital presence for themselves. If you’d like to get a slice of this cake too, here’s how you do it.

As of now, you can only set this up on your Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad. Strangely, we can’t access this on desktops and bigger screens. We’d advise to update your basic information before starting this process. Check if you need a fresh profile picture and your credentials are in place. First step, open your web browser or the Google App on your smartphone and search for your name, ensure you’re logged in. Upon searching, you’ll see a suggestion that says ‘add me to search’. Click there. You’ll arrive at a page with a few information slots to fill about your name, bio, work, location, and more. Ensure that all is in place and hit save. You will need a unique mobile number linked and verified to your Google account for this to work.

No doubt that in a system where anyone can make a digital account, abuse and fraudulence is a point of worry. Especially to those who have personal contact details available there. Each Google account is only allowed to create a single people card. Google also lets you flag cards with erroneous information or that you think were created by an imposter. Users will be able to delete or edit their cards whenever they like.

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