We live in an age where one can simply order your favourite movie/series through a WiFi-synced television set or record your favourite  episode to watch later and well, even decide the fate of your own show (hello, Bandersnatch!). Be it a 70-inch monster or an end-to-end wall-screen like the Wallpaper TV by Samsung or the ultra-dynamic Master Series by Sony, television sets have come a long way from being that tiny idiot box that sits in a corner. With time, evolution and exclusivity, there is now a luxury appeal for a few specialised television sets that come with multiple benefits.

When looking out for the ideal TV, what are the prime factors we take into consideration? Is it the size, the  dynamic picture quality, the hyper-intelligent AI or simply a minimalist design? We say – it’s all of them and more. TVs of the future are all encompassing – they might just turn into digital wallpapers, can help customise our living room,  even set ambient lighting and more giving you complete control of your home effortlessly. What’s in the market for such extravagance? We’ve created a list for best quality television experience, one that embraces the minimalist form with exquisite futuristic design and comes with a whole lot of benefits to boot. Suffice to say, these are the hottest TVs to buy in 2019.