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Elon Musk said Tesla’s ‘humanoid robots’ will launch sometime next year

Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that the company are currently working on humanoid robot prototypes that will be revealed sometime next year.

After building space rockets, autonomous cars, flame throwers and more, Elon Musk reveals plans of building humanoid robots at Tesla. As Tesla already have a fancy track record of building intelligent machines and working them in their factories, they might as well build a robot to control them too. However, once that’s fully accomplished, the next logical step for Tesla would be to go commercial and recode the bot to be a personal servant or assistant at home. Seems like that’s exactly the plan as announced by Musk at Tesla’s first AI day. Here’s what we know so far.

Tesla robot bot

Tentatively named ‘Tesla Bot’, Musk tells us that the humanoid will be borrowing many tools that are currently being used in Tesla vehicles such as sensors, cameras and a similar self-driving AI to compute the outside world. While so, he stated that they can be used for “unsafe, repetitive or boring” tasks. “This, I think, will be quite profound. Essentially, in the future, physical work will be a choice. If you want to do it, you can, but you won’t need to do it,”

Tesla robot bot

Musk said. However, at the same time, he also highlighted his fears of ‘runaway artificial intelligence’ or an intelligent machine going rogue. For which, he confirmed that Tesla will ensure that the Bot will be designed at a ‘mechanical level’ to be outrun and overpowered by humans, eliminating any potential harm. Commenting on this, he also said “If we don’t, someone else will — and we want to make sure it’s safe”.

tesla robot bot

Let’s talk design. On paper, it measures in at a height of five feet, eight inches while weighing 125 pounds. The body appears to have quite a quite petite and sleek silhouette with a blacked-out head and shoulder region with the rest of the body being white. Tesla’s logo will be present on its chest. Top speed will be limited to just 5-mph. The interesting spec is that its face will be replaced by a digital screen which will of course be used to display information. I think that’s also quite considerate for customers who would get creeped out by lifeless robot face following them around their house.

The Tesla robot or humanoid robot or well, Tesla Bot will debut sometime next year. Elon Musk has stated any official pricing for this just yet.

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