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The art of elegant dressing has certainly evolved in 2020 (hello loungewear), but if there is one thing that has taken precedence over most else, it is keeping our clothes hygienic and clean. Repeated machine washing certainly isn’t ideal for premium and delicate garments that may require extra care. So how does one not throw clothes into the washer after every wear, and yet have them sanitised and refreshed? Samsung has an answer. Meet the AirDresser, a pioneering product that’s changing the way we keep garments clean.

samsung airdresser

Our clothes are exposed to pollutants, bacteria, viruses, and dust when we step outside. The new Samsung AirDresser refreshes and sanitises clothes, ridding them of bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, and odours, making them crisp, soft, and clean without the need to wash.

Wondering how it gets the job done? Here’s everything to know about the Samsung AirDresser –

It starts off with a powerful Jet Steam, which sanitises and removes viruses and bacteria, relaxes wrinkles, and reduces odour — a fantastic feature if you’ve just returned from outdoors, and your clothes need a quick clean up. Next, the JetAir and AirHanger features work together to thoroughly remove dust from inside and out. The Heatpump then gets into action, drying the garments gently, making them refreshingly crisp and soft. Finally, the Deodorizing Filter deodorises the clothes deeply, giving them a burst of freshness. There is a UV LED to remove odour particles, so that smells like sweat, tobacco, and food can be removed. A beep will let you know that the cycle is complete. The result: A soft, clean, neat, and refreshed garment that’s not been in the washer, and yet, is ready to wear.

Samsung AirDresser

The AirDresser can clean upto seven garments at a time, divided between Air Hangers and Regular Hangers (a cycle takes only 39 minutes). The bottom shelf is great for small accessories like cap and stuffed toys, and the door comes with a space to hang mufflers and ties. If you’re looking for a more ironed finish, there’s a weight kit that straightens the garment, giving it more form.

Samsung AirDresser

The AirDresser really is an all-rounder. Those heirlooms that you can’t wash after every wear, the clothes you don’t really want to send to the dry cleaner’s – the AirDresser addresses these very conundrums. Not only does it take care of different types of garments and needs with its various modes (there’s the ‘Normal’ mode that’s explained above; the ‘Quick’ mode, if you’re looking for a faster clean-up; a ‘Delicate’ mode for garments that need extra care; and the ‘Sanitize’ mode for more hygiene). The AirDresser can also dehumidify your entire wardrobe space, and you can control it remotely over Wi-Fi with the SmartThings App.

Samsung AirDresser

The AirDresser truly is an elegant solution to keeping your wardrobe clean and hygienic. Its beautiful, sleek, cuboid form, draped in crystal mirror black, makes it the perfect lifestyle device for your home. It operates silently, and fits neatly into your wardrobe. However, it’s quite a beauty even by itself, and you could choose to place it just about anywhere — your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or even your office cabin. It can be a great choice for even owners of luxury bars and restaurants, and club lounges for their customers.

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Disclaimer: The Samsung AirDresser is not a dry cleaner or washing machine.
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