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Facebook and Ray-Ban co-design a new pair of camera smart glasses, ‘Stories’

Meet ‘Stories’, Facebook and Ray-Ban’s new camera smart glasses that lets you listen to music, take calls, record and post moments straight to the social media platform.

Just a couple of days back, Facebook Inc. and European eyewear conglomerate EssilorLuxottica’s Ray-Ban teased a new digital eyewear project by posting a picture of RB’s iconic wayfarer silhouette with the caption: ‘This is one story you’re going to want to follow’. Interestingly, this also coincided with Mark Zuckerberg’s video post of himself open-water rafting but from an AR perspective instead of a GoPro or smartphone-like view, which led the internet to suspect that the two brands were teaming up over a pair of AR goggles. But haven’t we seen enough of those already? Facebook has a notorious penchant for developing AR tech, but fitting those ambitions into a pair of Ray-Bans? Doesn’t quite add up. However, what we got in the end, truly surprised us.

Ray-Ban Stories

Here it is, a pair of camera smart glasses called Stories, where Facebook’s digital finesse meets America’s most iconic eyewear silhouette. Apart from AR, these are pretty much Facebook glasses but with a Ray-Ban frame. It’s also their first venture into casual wearable tech. Designed for seamless media capture of the world around you. the Ray-Ban Stories allows you to listen to music, take calls, video record, shoot photos and more, all on the go. More so, it works completely hands-free.

Ray-Ban Stories

At the upper corners of the frame, sits two 5-MP cameras that capture images with dimensions of 2592 x 1944 pixels and shoot videos in resolutions of 1184 x 1184 pixels at 30 frames per second. There’s also a tiny LED that lets people know the wearer is recording. Much like most wireless audio pieces today, this too operates by touch. However, you still have a Facebook Voice Assistant jacked in to make things easier.

There’s also the Facebook View app that gives you more control and allows you to access all the images and footage you’ve recorded. What’s interesting about the Ray-Ban Stories is that, unlike most smart glasses, it doesn’t have a bulgy temple to store all the sensors. This design seems thicker, that’s all. More so, they weigh just 49.3 grams. They come with a wireless charging case, not much has been said about that and you have lens options to choose from.

The Ray-Ban Stories will be retailing for $299 or approximately Rs 22,000. The brand is yet to comment on its availability in India.

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