The term ‘Futurism’ simply means pushing the boundaries of everyday science for an innovative future. Flying cars and holograms for daily commute and communication were merely Hollywood fantasies about a decade ago. But the tech titans of today think otherwise. While sci-fi movies consistently portray a visual of the distant future, we often forget that we’re incrementally inching towards these futuristic tech concepts turning into reality. Take Uber Elevate for example, the announcement that it will be a reality in 2023 is mind-boggling for India. And though it’s hard to keep track of, these are 5 futuristic technologies that will soon turn into reality, it’s only a matter of time.

Right from Amazon’s plans of designing a new wearable technology that can analyse emotions to Google’s upcoming voice assistant feature that’s more than capable of making dinner reservations, AI is the future. Even when it comes to cars, AI can operate in sync with neighbouring cars, allowing a safer synchronization of side by side travel. While we focus on the advancements already made available to us, we forget that these futuristic tech concepts are still in the make. With Uber Elevate service coming in sooner than you think, these other advancements could revolutionize the way tech influences our lives in the next few years.