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Road trips are all about streaming your favourite music playlists,  admiring the country-side and of-course, enjoying the journey with your fellow road-troopers. And before we depart, we always have a check-list to fill out, throwing in our essentials and the best car accessories we own. Whether it’s about enjoying a hot cup of coffee or even a cold beverage on-the-go, we’ve curated a list of the most unique and best car accessories that’ll make your next road trip a lot more enjoyable and digitally wholesome.

Handpresso Auto Hybrid Coffee Maker

The internet is full of interesting accessories for lovers of coffee and hot beverages on the go, but when it comes to road trips, few of them can compete with Handpresso Auto. Designed for car use, this coffee maker plugs into the cigarette lighter, delivering a perfect barista-quality espresso in just 2 minutes. The product is compact enough to fit in the cup holder and works with both ESE pods and ground coffee.

Price: Rs. 22,000*

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XVIDA Wireless Charging Car Kit

XVIDA comes with a range of car interior tech enhancement options, be it car fresheners or HUD screens. But this wireless charging attachment is our personal favorite. Doubling as a smartphone dash cam, this charging pad can be mounted onto your windshield as well. And as a third act twist, if your phone is large enough, you have a mini movie player right here. Using an ultra-fast Qi charging trim, it connects to your car’s USB port. This could be used as a great navigational tool as well, misusing out the unwanted wiring. This is exclusively for Apple iPhone devices, 6S and onwards.

Price: Rs. 12,500 onwards*

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Osim uJolly Cushion Seat Massager

The above illustration displays the Osim indoors but it performs just as good in the indoor of a car. Its innovative dual-action press-grip massage delivers a targeted massage for deep tissue relief, loosening stiff and aching muscles when driving for long periods of time. Recline your seat to your comfort and rest back, allowing the Osim Massager to relieve your stress, all controlled by a remote. This also comes with an extended headrest, adding more comfort.

Price: Rs. 25,850.

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GDR C530 by Garmin

Garmin has applied its knowledge of action cameras and fitness trackers to the world of dash cams, and its mid-range GDR C530 model offers sharp imagery and enough additional features to make it our top choice. Offering 1440p video capture at 30p, video footage for a dash cam is great, while the 122-degree viewing angle is pretty good, although there are wider optics out there. A nice touch is the inclusion of an attachable polarizing filter to cutout unwanted glare from your car’s windscreen. Chuck in voice control, drive-awareness warnings and the neat little travelapse feature, and the GDR C530 is one great camera. This remains the best dash cam right now.

Price: (Available at outlets)

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Cooluli Portable Refrigerator

We wanted to find you a budget alternative for one of luxury motoring’s most famous interior treatments, a mini-fridge. Commonly seen in Rolls Royce executive rides and limousines, this is definitely a major luxe factor. Being 100% portable and battery charged, this 11″x 10″ Cooluli  device can cool as well as heat beverages. The thermoelectric cooler and food warmer works by transferring heat from one side of the device to the other along with electric energy. It’s recommended to wait 30 minutes before going from cold to hot. It comes in an elegant matte finish and tons of colour options.

Price: Rs. 6,899.

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