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Most talked about features of the new iPhone 13 – Mini, Pro & Pro Max

Apple has officially unveiled the iPhone 13 along with its Mini, Pro, and Pro Max variants. From specs, release date and price — here’s everything you need to know.

Every tech journalist and Apple geek is currently glued to the screen watching Apple’s big September event. There’ve been some major announcements this evening, including a visually refreshed Apple Watch Series 7 and a brand new iPad Mini. However, for this story, we’d like to focus on the new iPhone generation, and every cool new feat we’ll be soon seeing. There’s certainly a lot of new things into the mix this year, and Apple has tried real hard to ensure this upgrade is absolutely worth the buck.

However, the 13 seems more like a refined model instead of a next-gen upgrade. Here’s why.

iPhone 13

Visually, the most refreshing touch is the smaller notch that promises more screen space than ever before. Next, the camera dock setup. For the first time in Apple history, we’re seeing a diagonal lens setup instead of a vertical one. The Pro variants with three lenses, stick to 12 Pro’s triangular set-up, nothing changes there. The same can be said about the regular model’s smooth aluminium sides and the Pro’s fingerprint stain-lovin’ stainless steel frame. We actually hoped Apple would fix this design irk with this model. However, on the bright side, the screens now boast a tough ceramic glass and the device’s antenna lines are now sustainably made out of upcycled plastic bottles, a first in the industry.

iPhone 13

Similar to the last year’s dimensions, the iPhone 13 sizes in at 6.1-inches while the Mini, 5.4-inches. The Pro and Pro max, remain at 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch, respectively. Under the hood, all models receive a lightning-quick A15 Bionic chip, an absolute powerhouse that’s now more energy-efficient. It uses a 6‑core CPU setup with 2 performance and 4 efficiency cores. Apple also stated that the new chip is ‘up to 50% faster than the competition. It also says that graphics are up to 30% faster than its competitors. We’re curious to know who are the competitors. You can now expect an additional 1.5 hours of battery life on the iPhone 13 Mini, 2.5 hours on iPhone 13, 1.5 hours on the Pro and 2.5 hours on the Pro Max compared to their respective predecessors, all thanks to bigger batteries and more efficient A15 Bionic chipset.

iPhone 13

Moving over to every iPhone’s favourite department: Photography. Each year Apple ups the ante on how great their cameras can get, this year is no different. The iPhone 13 and its Mini variant boast a dual 12-megapixel camera setup, wide and ultrawide while the latter offers a 120-degree field of view. We also see a cool new feature called “photographic profiles” that allows you to edit your shots much more dramatically and professionally. The 12 and 12 Pro feature an additional telephoto lens and a wild card software spec called ‘Cinematic Mode’, which, as the name suggests, lets you shoot Hollywood-grade visuals with professional editing capabilities. This is something every shutterbug will geek out on, mark our words.

iPhone 13

We also see that storage gets a bump up this year. The Mini and standard arrive in 128-GB, 256-GB and 512-GB while the Pros reach a monstrous 1-TB of storage. Now, that’s one way of solving a storage issue. All models are also jacked in with better 5G capabilities. The elder two variants boast Super Retina XDR displays that support up to a 120-Hz ProMotion high refresh rate that can go as bright as 1,000 nits.

In terms of pricing in India, here’s a complete breakdown —

iPhone 13 Mini : 128-GB at Rs. 69,900. 256-GB at Rs 79.900. 512-GB at Rs. 99,900.

iPhone 13 (regular): 128-GB at Rs. 79,900. 256-GB at Rs. 89,900. 512-GB at Rs. 99,900.

iPhone 13 Pro : 128-GB at Rs 1,19,900. 258-GB at Rs 1,29,900. 512-GB at Rs 1,49,900. 1-TB at Rs 1,69,900.

iPhone 13 Pro Max : 128-GB at Rs 1,29,900. 258-GB at Rs 1,39,900. 512-GB at Rs 1,59,900. 1-TB at Rs 1,79,900.

In the US, UK, Japan, China, Australia and Canada, and India, preorders begin on September 17. You can retail them starting September 24.

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