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Is Houseparty the perfect social solution app for millennials in lockdown?

Social distancing is the new global norm. But, here’s a social solution – Houseparty. You can join a virtual game night session with the squad while you sit there on your couch.

The endless scrolls through Instagram and the million minutes we watch on YouTube in self-isolating come to a bore one day. The most convenient solution to feeling social again is to turn to online multiplayer games or Facetime our friends. But, there’s an app that’s doing both and turning into the ultimate quarantine social solution. The House Party app has had an extreme surge in popularity in recent days, and you might have seen everyone talking about it. So, what’s the deal?

house party

The Houseparty app is a solution to two core requirements: Connectivity and group entertainment. It’s also the reason behind the globally acclaimed fame. Once you and the squad sign up, each user creates a globally unique username. Then, textbook socialising begins, add friend-accept request-connect. Once everyone is tuned in, it functions as a simple video call but limited to only 8 users at a time. The most interesting bit is the array of games and activities that come with Houseparty.

The first is ‘Heads Up’, which is a purely action-based game. Much like the game of Charades, you get a name and you have to act it out for the rest of the players to guess, it has multiple modes too. Next up is ‘Trivia’, a rapid-fire quiz of 10 questions. You can select multiple genres like 90s pop culture, complete the lyrics, sports history, fashion, geography, and many more. ‘Complete the lyrics’ is currently our favourite quiz on the app right now. The next two games are ‘Chips & Guac’ and ‘Quick Draw’, which are slightly oriented towards younger users. In ‘Quick Draw’, you draw out a word for the rest of the squad to guess. The drawer with the most guesses wins.


What we think

We can clearly see the appeal as to why millennials are downloading Houseparty. It perfectly encapsulates the spirit and charm of a good ol’ fashioned game night with the friends and fam, all over a digital medium. We’ve been connecting with our friends on this app all through the weekend and we almost forget that we’re currently self-isolation. It’s quite intimate, the interface is playful, and the video quality is almost at par with top-shelf vid conf apps. We’d wish the game allowed more players though.

Stay safe and play smart. The Houseparty app is currently free and available on iOS and Android

All images: Courtesy Houseparty

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