With Spotify and YouTube Music entering the Indian market, music apps have once again hit a high. Until recently, there were a handful of international apps offering the service – majorly YouTube and Soundcloud – with a few Indian players like Saavn and Gaana. But, like with most things, brands have realized that personalisation is key rather than just offering chart toppers. And with that music streaming apps could well be the next tech obsession.

The streaming market boomed in India after 2016 with the launch of Jio’s network, which was also the key reason why the country has the second largest smartphone user base in the world today. Soon after which, we had seamless access to HQ Youtube, Netflix, and gaming services. Combine unlimited mobile data and a million technologically curious Indians, and that’s the beginning of not just a market but an industry too. Some of the best music streaming apps in India have evolved into a pseudo-social space as well. It allows streaming in India with networks like Amazon and Netflix, and now music has caught up. To quickly get you into the loop, we’ve listed the hottest music streaming apps you can download.