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The lockdown around the world has left people feeling lonelier than ever. A London-based design studio has launched ‘Postcards from Isolation’, a collection of interactive digital postcards reflecting on the cultural and societal shifts that have stemmed from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Developed by Sabato Studio in collaboration with various designers and developers, including Anna Wojnarowska, Lorenzo Migliorero, and Jacopo Botticelli, ‘Postcards from Isolation’ provides the way out of the isolation of thoughts.

This measure gives a golden chance to exchange your thoughts in a most abstract way via postcard with literally anyone across the world with internet facility and undoubtedly its an awesome endeavour to smash icy isolation of pandemic.

“In the same way, we want to tell the story of what we see from our locked down perspective, by framing it in a postcard to be shared with those who we can’t physically reach. We want this to be an open process of reflection on our current condition. The recipient becomes the sender, feeding into the project with another view from the lockdown,” says Sabato Studio in a statement of the project.

The notion of animation in postcards swings through ‘pre’ and ‘post’ aspects of life under lockdown. Artists and designers can also submit their own black-and-white designs for the interactive postcards to add more good to the initiative.

‘Postcards from Isolation’ co-creator Sabato Urciuoli contributed his own stuff and discussed how our perception of time has been altered during the global pandemic.

“My postcard is called ‘My week.’ It represents the shift in how we perceive our schedules and how days of the week matter less. Initially, my idea for the ‘post’ state represented days of the week collapsing onto each other. But then, through sharing this idea with the others, we realised it would have been more interesting to represent a more fluctuating depiction of the concept of time that we all live in,” said Urciuoli in a statement on Medium.

“Many of us don’t know which day of the week it is today. Weeks blend onto each other and it’s hard to recognise what happened two weeks ago or yesterday. This suggestion made a lot of sense and solidified the idea,” he added about his collaboration with Raffaele Filiberti for ‘Postcards from Isolation’.

All designs created as part of the ‘Postcards from Isolation’ project are available on a website dedicated to the collaborative initiative.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.

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