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PUBG Mobile India debuts soon: Here’s everything we know so far

After the big digital ban on the Chinese smartphone games and applications, The Korean house of Chicken Dinners is finally back for the millions of fans who are waiting in hope. PUBG Mobile India will be making a big debut soon and here’s everything we know about it.

The month of August started off with sad news for every Battle Royale player in India. After July’s sweep on apps, we dreaded the day PUBG would get the axe too, but we know it would arrive sooner or later. The day it finally did, users were understandably upset and scrambled for worthy alternatives, which unfortunately couldn’t keep up with the Koreans. However, there came a change in tide recently. PUBG Corp. announced that India would be getting their version of the game to cater to the massive (25% of global users) audience present in the country. This is everything we know about PUBG Mobile India so far. 

PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India launch date and details

First things first, when is it releasing?

Although this is still up to speculation. PUBG first took to Instagram a week ago to officially announce their return. They then posted a video featuring pro gamers like Dynamo Gaming, TSM Entity Jonathan and Kronten Gaming, confirming their near arrival. Kronten dropped a hint that the game will arrive by November 20.

What’s different about the new Indian edition?

Call it being sanskari or simply keeping all parties concerned happy, the new PUBG is expected to have fully clothed avatars. In its initial version, the player’s avatar would be wearing under-garments at its default and novice stage. However, this is about to change. I don’t think we should expect the avatar to wear a kurta or a salwar, but dress codes will be taken seriously. On the other hand, they announced that there would be minimal bloodshed and violent visuals. Whenever a player takes a bullet in the game, there’s usually a big blood-splash. That may be altered now with the new version.


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Will there be restrictions?

Last time we checked, PUGB mobile was named an ‘addiction’ in most Whatsapp chats across the globe. Jokes aside, it did become a serious problem as users started spending more time on the game instead of productive activities offline. They initially set a four-hour-a-day limit for each player, which automatically locks the app. “The company will include a feature that places restrictions on game time to promote healthy gameplay habits for younger players,” says the developer, in an official statement. This will continue in the new version as well.

PUBG Mobile India

What will the game look like?

The logo will be different. It wouldn’t be the usual Spetmaz Helmet and frying pan in hand logo that we’re all used to. The title will be ‘PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds Mobile India’, shortened as PUBG Mobile India. With ‘India’ having a font colour of our national flag.

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