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Among Us has been a gaming/social hype for the past few weeks, and now, the internet has blessed us with a way of turning it into a Halloween special.

If you’re a regular, chances are that you already know how much of horror game Among Us actually is. Underneath those subtle-coloured skins and inventory tasks, the game’s ploy can give you serious trust issues. However, this Halloween, gamers have found a way to ‘spook’ the game up and add an extra dose of fun. In a way, you’ll be bending the rules and straying away from the original plan of the game, but still, leaving you with the same trust issues as it always did. Here’s how its done.

How to play Among Us as a Horror Game

Among Us

Starting off from the basics – There’s no voting out and the Imposter’s identity isn’t a secret anymore. For crewmates, the way to victory is completing all the tasks. Whereas for the one imposter, going on a kill frenzy.

So how do we start off? Well, the game begins by the Imposter announcing that he’s playing Imposter for that round and counting to 10-15, giving the crewmates enough of time to scramble. Classic hide n’ seek style. After which, the crewmates carry on rushing with their tasks and he Imposter must hunt them down.

Among Us

What makes this Halloween play work is the tweaking of the custom rules. The Imposter’s ‘Kill Cooldown Timer’ has to be set to the lowest possible (10 seconds), allowing them to actually go Purge-Mode. The ‘Vision Range’ of the Imposter must be set to the lowest possible as well (0.25x) which makes their hunt a bit more tricky. Whereas for crewmates, their vision remains unchanged. To give them a bit more advantage, you can increase their player speed.

Now, here’s the code of etiquette that must be followed – The Imposter cannot ‘Sabotage’ or ‘Close Doors’. The Crewmates on the other hand, cannot call for ‘Emergency Meetings’ or report dead bodies. The game’s simple, there’s a killer on the prowl and your only way to escape is completing your tasks. Happy Halloween.

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