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With only a few weeks left until the new school year begins, many parents are considering buying smartphones or computers for their children. One of the most economical options for purchases of this kind is to buy refurbished devices, which is now an excellent source of high-quality equipment at low prices.

Products that are virtually new

refurbished devices
Image: Courtesy Getty

With regard to technical specifications, refurbished devices are on par with new products. In some cases, they are new products that have been returned by dissatisfied customers. In others, they initially left the factory with a small flaw that has since been fixed or they may have been models that were used for display purposes in retail outlets. In all cases, they are tested and, if necessary, some parts have been changed. Last but not least, refurbished devices are sold under warranty, generally from six to 24 months, and certified as compliant.

Bargain prices

refurbished devices
Image: Courtesy Motorola

Buying a refurbished product is similar to buying a new device but at a significantly lower cost. Depending on the brand and the age of the product, you can expect to save between 20% and 50% when compared to the standard retail price. For example, on the specialist website Backmarket you can find a Motorola Moto G (8 GB) for just US$35 (Rs 2,620), an iPhone 8 (64 GB) for US$250 (Rs 18,700 approx), and a MacBook Air 11″ (Early 2015) for just US$400 (Rs 29,900 approx).

A comprehensive selection

There has never been such a wide selection of refurbished devices on offer from specialist websites like Back Market. At the same time, major retailers like Amazon, Croma and Vijay Sales are offering refurbished goods. Apple even has its own store for certified refurbished products in certain countries.

Benefits for the environment

refurbished devices
Image: Courtesy Smaaart

Opting for refurbished also helps to preserve the environment, by extending the useful life of a product instead of buying a new one. It is important to bear in mind that a smartphone can be composed of up to 70 different materials. According to WWF France, buying a refurbished mobile saves about 35 kg of primary raw materials (copper, aluminium, rare metals, etc.) and avoids emissions of the equivalent of 25 kg of CO2.