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Samsung’ The Frame TV certainly has tons of talking points, but the one that’s arguably its biggest, is how artsy it gets.

In form and function, a frame has always kept things simple: To elegantly house and complement the art on display. But in a modern age where décor and aesthetics seem to be getting more vivid and dynamic, customers look for that extra touch to match their creativity. Samsung’s The Frame TV is a digital solution in this affair that blends the world of modern décor with the brand’s incredible TV tech. Ahead of its time, it is a lifestyle accessory you didn’t know your home needs.

While part of its brilliance comes from the tech department, the other half comes from how The Frame TV ups the ante on art. Besides being a television, it serves as a window into a virtual art gallery right in your living room.

Here’s what makes Samsung’s The Frame TV an aesthetical masterpiece for your home.

Samsung The Frame TV

Before talking about its function, let’s talk about its form. Arriving this year in a much slimmer silhouette that measures just 24.9-mm in thickness and is 46% slimmer than its predecessor, Samsung has also introduced new magnetic bezel styles. Underneath this is the bare minimalist black bezel of the Frame TV.

You must be wondering, how does one bezel shade work with various aesthetics? Well, Samsung thought of a cool solution is to ensure creativity never stops. For Samsung’s The Frame TV this year, they’ve also introduced a simple-to-use, magnetic application for its bezels that make it easy to switch between colours and styles. With this, your creative endeavours can run endlessly.

Samsung The Frame TV

When Samsung’s The Frame TV is switched off, its Art Mode comes alive. What’s Art Mode? Well, this is where The Frame TV turns into a window into an art museum. While showcasing some of modern art’s greatest creations, it’s also an ultra-high-resolution canvas for the dearest of your memories. With the Art Store supplying the magic, you can curate collections of paintings, illustration, and more from a growing library of nearly 1,400 pieces of artwork from world-renowned institutions. To further create the impression of actual art from a gallery, you can also add a realistic mat canvas as a background for your artwork. In case you want to display your own pictures, The Frame TV can accommodate up to 1,400 images.

Samsung The Frame TV

Now, let’s talk about the tech that brings the art to life. With an in-built motion sensor, Samsung’s The Frame knows when you enter the room and quickly turns on its Art Mode. To ensure the vividity of the picture, it also features a brightness sensor. This understands the room’s lighting and the conditional changes and adjusts itself, making no compromise in visual brilliance. As intelligent as it is with the lights, it also is with sound. Thanks to Adaptive Sound that comes with its Quantum Processor’s AI tech, it calibrates the audio to match its surroundings, bringing out the best sound experience no matter any place or room. While looking and sounding good, it also keeps up with the emotion of minimalism and tidiness. Hence, using a 3-mm One Invisible Connection that neatly bundles up all cable wires together into one unit.

Put all of this together, and you have a true aesthetical masterpiece in both form and function. Samsung’s The Frame TV sizes in at 43, 50, 55, and 65 inches and is available for bookings at Amazon, Flipkart or Samsung e-store starting at Rs 61,990.

All images: Courtesy brand.

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