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    Samsung has made it clear once again: it would like its legacy to be about never-before-seen devices ahead of their time. Samsung’s The Wall, a MicroLED display that works overtime to do a whole lot more— is attempting to disrupt all conceptions of one’s viewing experience, and going well beyond the idea of actual viewing.

    With a starting price of INR 3.5 crore, the most surprising part of The Wall is how easy it is to miss when you walk into a room, but that’s a good thing. Thanks to a bezel-less design and décor frames that can be customized, it offers a seamless transition from your own interiors to the screen. The sleek construction hides beneath its self-emitting diodes, which allow it to remain on for 1,00,000 hours (that’s almost 4,166 days!). The expected question would be why one needs a device that stays on for that long; but, then, this is no ordinary display.

    The Wall is also strong and capable enough of staying on for 1,00,000 hours

    Beyond streaming OTT or running business presentations, The Wall uses advanced and intuitive technologies that make it a seamless inclusion to your environment. For instance, when you’re not watching the latest episode of Watchmen, the screen can be set in the Ambient Mode, allowing you to display everything and anything from paintings and video art, to photographs and décor-matching frames. It’s basically designed to never be turned off, to be a part of the room, to uplift your space.

    Samsung’s The Wall, a Rs 3.5 Cr revolutionary home entertainment panel 

    In terms of specs, Samsung’s The Wall includes a 0.8mm pixel pitch technology, a microLED large-format modular display, and colour depiction that will have you seeing black like you’ve probably never seen on screen. Yes, we mean pure black, because of the ultra-low reflection technology that promises an unparalleled level of contrast and detail. The Wall’s intelligent engine can also render videos, films and other content into the best versions of themselves through an advanced HDR picture refinement process, thereby shining a new light on past memories.

    Samsung’s The Wall at a public preview

    The Wall aims to be, and succeeds, in being a bold centrepiece. It comes in 146-inch, 219-inch and 292-inch screen sizes, and is the most logical addition to the smart home. Seamless, subtle and sentient, it will elevate your home. And, honestly, leaves you comfortably numb.

    All Images: Courtesy Samsung

    Gayatri Moodliar