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We might be under lockdown once again but these smartphone games will surely kept the boredom at bay

There’s been a serious spike in the smartphone usage since we have a few extra hours a day now and experts believe it’s up to 4-6 hours a day. Besides WFH and endless Instagram scrolls, gaming has been a major contributor. Though not all have been as competitive as PUBG or Fortnite. There have been a few viral games that saved us from boredom during this lockdown.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Six weeks after the latest edition of ‘Animal Crossing’ was launched on 20 March, Nintendo’s operating profit has tripled to $842 million in the March quarter. That’s how big a wave Animal Crossing splashed. Animal Crossing is much more than a lockdown game that went viral. They’ve been around for a while, but we can see the appeal during times like these. Essentially, you live in a virtual village and do village-like things like farming, taking care of your flock and take part in community events.

Available on iOS and Android.

Google Doodles

The tech titan noticed the global urgency of keeping people indoors and decided to hand us the keys to a digital library called ‘Google Doodle’. Do you notice how google usually creates special logos on anniversaries and occasions? Well, most of them come with hidden interactive abilities. We tried it out and got quite carried away with it actually. Ranging from history quizzes to sports and nature games, Google Doodle is possibly the best lightweight entertainment among the lockdown games.

Available on iOS and Android.

Psych out with friends

Released in 2015 by the world’s most favourite TV-host Ellen DeGeneres, Psyche has emerged as the most popular multiplayer game during the lockdown. People can join a game through a code shared by the leader, who creates a game. Then, people who’ve joined the game can have quality time together for hours. In the game, a player reveals some false information but includes some real facts with it. Other players in the game are supposed to identify the bluff to win the round.

Available on iOS and Android.


This isn’t quintessentially a gaming app but a great source of entertainment. There are two birds that tech company Life On Air Inc. hit with the Houseparty App: Quick connectivity and entertainment. It starts off as a video calling app for 8 users and offers an array of games that can be played while chatting. With tons of pop culture quizzes, drawing games and more, it perfectly encapsulates the spirit of a good ol’ fashioned game night, all over a digital medium. There was a silly hoax regarding Houseparty last month that they were shipping our information to Russian hackers. Houseparty offered a million dollars to those who could validate this and then debunked this.

Available on iOS and Android

Ludo King

A humble dose of nostalgia is always appreciated, especially when bored. Reminiscing the old days, our favourite classic board game made a comeback a few years ago with a digital twist. Now, it has turned into a saviour. The game was reportedly downloaded 36 million times in the first and second quarter of 2020, explaining its popularity. How does the game work? You get four coins, you make your way through the map, and hope for the right sequence of dice rolls. Also, avoid getting stomped by the other three players. It’s evident as to why it’s been one of the top lockdown games.

Available on iOS and Android.

Draw it

This is a modern-day Pictionary. The name is pretty self-explanatory, you draw it, and people guess it. However, there’s a twist. You need to ensure that you are fast and quick to beat the competition as you only have a limited amount of time to draw. We tried out this game, and it is quite addictive.

Available on iOS and Android.

Among Us

This game might seem cute with all the little astronauts running around but it’s actually a bit sinister. The deal here is that there’s 10 players out of which 1-3 will be imposters while the others are honest spaceship workers. While they try to fix the ship, it’s the Imposter’s job to sabotage their operations and stealthily assassinate them. While so, convince the innocent that someone else is the imposter.

Available on iOS and Android.

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