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The next big tech wave is getting real close. We take a deep dive into Android 11 and its array of specs.

Today, Google gave us our closest look at the Android 11 as it’s in its final stages of development. At this point, Android is a pretty mature operating system, and we’re sure that they’re well aware of the cracks and gaps in their product. With 2.5 billion users worldwide, they have a ton of expectations to meet. At first impression, the 11 seems focused on security and allows you to manage your apps and data more efficiently. Making sense of complicated technological affairs, by borrowing a few tricks from iOS and being the rock for 5G to be built on in future years, here’s everything you need to know about Android 11.

First, let’s talk about the notification section. Until date, as soon as we’d swipe down to check our notifications, we’d be bombarded with an unfiltered mess of everything that’s been buzzing your phone. That’s fixed now; they’ve filtered everything into ‘Conversations’, ‘Alerts’, and ‘Silent Notifications’. Next, they’ve taken a small play from Facebook. Remember how its messenger allowed you to turn chats into bubbles for multitasking? You can do that now with the Android 11. Bonus: You can see who’s texting you now as their display picture pops up in the notification bar.

The power menu got some attention too. This is where you control smart lights and other home accessories. Which also largely expands what these companies can do with their products considering the ease of use, now provided by Google. You can also configure the apps and alerts that can break through the DND mode.

We earlier spoke about how they’ve learnt a few tricks from Apple, and we’re not kidding. As iOS 13 offers the option of ‘One Time Pass’ where you could give an app access permission just that once, it is also on Android 11 now. Google is also making it easier to switch between media hardware (like Google Home speakers or Bluetooth devices) via the drop-down notification menu. Think of it like the AirPlay icon in iOS’s Control Center but for Google speakers. And oh, screen recording is back and comes with a much smarter AI. Google is yet to give us full disclosure on this.

The Android 11 is currently available only in a beta form exclusively for Pixel devices. We’re expecting the big launch soon.

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Mikhail Gomes
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