The fact that online gaming has a huge following may not be news to you, but do you really know how big it is? Here are some facts: Late last year, Forbes evaluated an American 5-player team, Cloud9, at roughly US$300 million, and more recently, an Indian team named Soul Clan won a Rs 3 cr prize-pooled tournament off a smartphone game, hosted by Oppo. Yes, online gaming is bigger than ever, and gamers are increasingly investing in the right tech tools that give them a competitive edge. That’s top-shelf hardware and professionally optimized software. In India, we’re currently witnessing the union of cheap 4G data and hyper-intelligent smartphones, which has furthered the cause of the multi billion-dollar e-sports dynasty. So if you are a gamer, or hope to be a good one, based on specs, design, and software prowess, these are undeniably the best gaming smartphones in India you should invest in.