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    Smartphones today have a place in the gym, on the track and at our busy desks, then why can’t they play a role in the kitchen as well? In an age when takeaways are an everyday routine, it pays to know your way around a dish or two. We’d like to think that it’s an essential skill that may take a while to master, but in the end, it’s worth your time and efforts.

    But as smartphones get smarter and more useful today, they’re now capable of offering a digital helping hand in the kitchen with their calorie-friendly recipes and quick-to-prep gourmet dinners. Plus, let’s admit, eating in is the new going out. With the help of keep-close cooking apps, you can take a few steps towards being a kitchen maestro and acing the culinary arts. Here are the best apps to look out for this year.


    Big Oven

    Best for: Community recipe sharing

    This app is probably where you’d find any niche recipe you’re looking for. With a cloud of over 500,000 recipes, BigOven is probably one of the most diverse cooking apps out there. You can surf, discover, learn and upload your own recipes too. You can also check the contributions of like-minded chefs like you, who discover and share new cooking treats everyday.  The app also includes a grocery list function, a clipper tool to save recipes from websites, and more.

    Available on Android and iOS. Contains in-app purchases.


    Best for: Learning new recipes daily

    If you’re looking for curated recipes for you, to assist you in this culinary cause, this is it. Although this app is new, its interface is a lot more intimate than average cooking apps. Everyday, you get a dose of culinary genius, be it recipes, ideas and even ingredients for consideration. Although we’d recommend this app to more discerning people who’d like to further explore their unique flair in cooking. Some of the other features include instructions with photos, tons of specific dietary recipes like vegan or high protein, and more.

    Available at on Android and iOS.



    Best for: Real-time cooking instructions

    Playing the role of a virtual cooking companion, Epicurious, for iOS only, features more than 35,000 member-rated recipes while displayed with a beautiful, streamlined interface. The app also allows you to manage your shopping lists and recipes across platforms, and even perform voice-activated commands that are specifically designed for hands-free cooking. With the smart kitchen timer, you know exactly how long it takes to cook salmon, chicken, and more than 40 other items.

    Available on iOS.

    Eat Fit

    Cult fit

    Best for: Carb-conscious takeaways

    Here’s an entire franchise that thrives on fitness and wellness. Alongside Cult Fit and Mind Fit, is its culinary conscious expert, Eat Fit. While of course this app isn’t here to help you cook right, instead it’s here to help you eat right and more consciously. While most apps only cooking apps only explain how to cook and what the ingredients constitute of, the Cult Fit Eat app actually tells you how much protein and carb you consume. The app also consistently rewards you with entertainment amenities when subscribed, like BookMyShow.

    Available on Android and iOS.

    Kitchen Stories

    Kitchen Stories

    Best for: Selective cuisine learning.

    We could call this the Netflix of cooking apps. Just like that streaming app, you select a bunch of preferences and you receive the best of those genres. Kitchen Stories does the same, with recipes and chefs. It features a bunch of recipes, HD video guides, step-by-step photo instructions, and how-to videos for basic kitchen tips and tricks. The app can auto-generate shopping lists and convert measurements if needed It’s a clear-cut digital cooking journal, no fluff, you get what you want.

    Available on Android and iOS.

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