It’s safe to say that Instagram has evolved from being a social platform to a digital portfolio of sorts, where every aspect of one’s life is captured in images. Be it a social media influencer creating stunning imagery or your amateur photographer friend who seems to have suddenly upped his skills, the truth is that everyone gets a little bit of help from editing apps on the world’s most popular social media platform. Making things look even better can’t hurt, right?

So which are the best editing apps for Instagram? There are really hundreds you can choose from. Want to shoot high quality images while using white balance and controlling the shutter speed? Yup, it’s possible. Want to go beyond colour, light, and exposure to do selective adjustments? Or maybe you like distortion and textures. Well there is an app for everything.

Here, we’ve selected the best of the best. Starting from your fundamentals to your final touches, these are the best editing apps for Instagram.