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In its bid to become the next big first-shooter game of 2020 and beyond, ‘Valorant’ recently launched in India and it’s got everyone hooked.

Currently, ‘Valorant’ is available across Nothern America, Russia, most of Europe and Asia and is gradually spreading wider. Being under the same genre of combat gaming, ‘Valorant’ has been directly compared to tactical shooters like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well as character-oriented games like ‘Overwatch’. Moreover, it’s a mix of the two with a take on magical abilities.

At launch, it provides players with a roster of 11 pre-defined fictional characters to choose from and customise. And those characters are being fleshed out in a series of official Spotify playlists.

In terms of play, Riot Games haven’t commented on having an India exclusive server yet, but if you’re trying to VPN your way out of it, they won’t be allowing it. They won’t be supporting ‘regional transfers’ right now, but they did confirm that the Middle East and South Asia will get an exclusive server after 2020.

For those who’d like to download ‘Valorant’, it’s pretty straightforward method. It’s not on Steam, like other Riot Games titles. They’ve kept this one to themselves. You’ll need to head over to its official website and hit “Play Now”. It’ll as for a quick log into your Riot Games account or you’ll have to make a new one. Once that’s done, the website will take you to the ‘Valorant’ download page

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